Math Camp and Econ 200

As preparation for the first year courses in the doctoral program, the department requires that students participate in math camp. Lectures are scheduled over the two weeks before fall quarter; there are ten lectures on mathematical foundations and three on MatLab. The website for Math Camp and Econ 200 (see below) can be found here.

Studying economics at the graduate level requires a considerable degree of comfort with mathematics. These classes enable students to review the material they know, in addition to filling any gaps in their knowledge.

Before arriving at UCLA, the best preparation is to take a class in real analysis (in addition to calculus and linear algebra). For example, here is the link to the UCLA analysis class.

Over the summer, we recommend you work through the following nine modules. If you find the modules hard, you will need to do some serious summer preparation math camp is compressed and moves quickly.

At the end of math camp, there is a diagnostic quiz on the topics covered in the lectures.  Typically three quarters of students pass; they receive an automatic passing grade for Econ 200, which is offered in the fall.  The remainder attend a weekly lecture/tutorial and do homework to raise their mathematical skill to the level required by first year classes.

Please note that doctoral students from Economics, Anderson and any other UCLA department must take the diagnostic test before enrolling in first year graduate classes.


Here you can find the list of past comprehensive exams. They are offered in Spring and (if retakes are necessary) in Fall.