Below are three paths for our students that wish to pursue an internship:

I.  The UCLA Career Center supports Bruins applying for internships, fellowships, volunteer programs, and other “experiential learning” options in the U.S. and abroad.  The Career Center is located at 501 Westwood Plaza in the Strathmore Building.  For questions, call (310) 206-1915.

For more information, please visit:

II.  UCLA’s Center for Community Learning provides students with the opportunity to earn academic credit for an internship by enrolling in a 195CE Internship Course (open to juniors and seniors). The Center for Community Learning is located in A-265 Murphy Hall.  For questions, call  (310) 825-7867

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III.  The UCLA Department of Economics also encourages students to do internships directly through the Department.  The Department offers a two-unit internship course entitled Economics 195A, Community or Corporate Internships in Economics I.  It is graded on a P/NP basis.  The course does not apply toward our majors.  Although the official instructor of record is the Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies, an Economics graduate student serves as the mentor for the course.

To be eligible to enroll in Economics 195A, students must meet the following criteria:

Be officially declared as an Economics, Business Economics, or Mathematics/Economics major.

Have Junior or Senior Standing.

Have completed Economics 101 as well as all other pre-major courses.

Have an internship that is related to finance or economic analysis.

Please be prepared to provide the staff in the Economics Undergraduate Advising Office the following ONLINE via the MyUCLA Message Center:  an internship offer letter with the name of the company and its location, the job duties of the internship, and the start and end dates of the internship.

Please put the following as the Subject Heading: Econ 195A Enrollment.

The internship must be related to finance or economic analysis.  Internships in other areas such as sales, advertising, marketing, accounting, and social media not involving analysis, are NOT appropriate for the Economics 195A course.

If the internship and the internship offer letter is acceptable — one of the Economics undergraduate counselors will put the student in touch with the graduate student mentor to set up an intake appointment.

After meeting with the graduate student mentor, the student will create an Economics 195A contract through MyUCLA.  He/she will then have his/her site supervisor sign the contract.

The graduate mentor will then e-mail the contract to the Economics Undergraduate Advising Office.

The Economics counselor will then “enroll” the student in the course.

Please note – Economics 195B is never offered.

For questions about Econ 195A, please work with Julie Plotkin in the Undergraduate Counseling Office.