Dear Alumni and Friends of UCLA,

The Department of Economics is one of the finest in the world, with leading researchers studying and advising governments on topics as diverse as monetary policy, health economics, and antitrust. The Department also runs the Economics and Business Economics majors. By working with our Alumni and Friends, we have established some of the most innovative cocurricular programs on campus including our Sharpe and Simon fellows internship programs, and our new Value Investing concentration, and continued alumni engagement in our courses.

Given the dramatic cuts in state funding, maintaining our position as a leading department in both research and education, requires your support.  If you are in a position to help the next generation of UCLA graduates, we would be grateful for a donation of any size. Your tax-deductible gift can help to provide technology grants for our teaching assistants, scholarships for our undergraduates, and help us recruit the very best minds in the country.

Thank you for your help!


UCLA Economics