When looking ahead to the job market, it is essential that all the component pieces come together at the right time. i.e.,

  • Job market paper. A solid draft should be ready in August so you have plenty of time for feedback. The final version needs to be ready by the end of October.
  • Presentation. You should give a full 90 minute presentation in October, so you can incorporate comments in your paper.
  • Skill building. If you are applying to private sector jobs, you may need to do a coding test, or answer case questions. Find out in the summer, so you can do the necessary preparation.
  • Applications. Apply broadly within and outside the US. Some deadlines can be surprisingly early, so start looking in August.
  • Website. This is your public face, so make sure it is ready by the end of October.
  • References. Make sure your advisers know who is writing, and give them plenty of notice.

You can find the full timeline here.

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