Hoffman2 Cluster

Hoffman2 accounts are available for the graduate students of the Department of Economics. Total of 8 computing nodes, 288 cores, 1.5TB RAM, and 5TB HPC storage (actual availability may subject to change) will be shared among all department users under /project/econgc on Hoffman2 Cluster.

Create Your User Account

Go to https://www.hoffman2.idre.ucla.edu/Accounts/Requesting-an-account.html#applying-for-a-user-account and click on the link, “New User Registration.” You will be prompted to authenticate using your UCLA Logon ID.

**If you have trouble signing in with your UCLA Logon ID, please contact Bruin Online via email at consult@ucla.edu or call 1-310-267-HELP (4357)**

On the registration form:

Choose a faculty sponsor:  You should select, “Economics Chair” from the pull-down list of sponsors.

Once the account is approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the resources.

Data Storage

Please keep in mind the 5TB storage pool is shared among all department users and is for temporary storage only. Once the data is no longer needed to be running on the cluster, please remove it to release the storage space back to the pool.

If you need to store or run datasets larger than 250GB, please contact econserv at econ.ucla.edu, with your name, UID and username on the cluster to lift the storage quota.

Getting Started

For new users on Hoffman2, you can find detailed information on Job and Resources, how to submit computing Jobs and other technical information on IDRE Computing page.

IDRE Advanced Computing Classes

A number of advanced computing classes are scheduled year round. For more information or to sign up, please go to: https://idre.ucla.edu/calendar. To visit UCLA’s one-stop portal for training classes and workshops offered around campus, please go to: IDRE Advanced Computing Classes.