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Contact Information

We encourage current students to contact us via the MyUCLA Message Center for quick and general questions requiring short answers. Sign in by using your UCLA Logon, click on “Message Center” in the top right corner, then submit your question to the Academic Counseling Unit called “Economics.”

Please note that the counselors do not check messages on the weekends or on university holidays.  During busy periods such as enrollment times, before sending a follow-up request, please know that it may take the counselors extra time to respond to your message. In the meantime, you can attend drop-in hours or schedule an appointment. For further contact information, click here.

Our office hours are 9:30 am – 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday, unless otherwise noted on our Contact Us page.

We are located in 2263 Bunche Hall, which is on the second floor of Bunche, behind the elevators.  Our office is next to the Alper Room (2265 Bunche). At this time, the counselors are not meeting with students in-person.

The Economics undergraduate academic counselors are available to meet with students remotely only in one of two ways: Virtual Drop-In via Zoom on select days and Appointments via Zoom.  Appointments are limited to 15 minutes in length.

The undergraduate counselors are busiest during the first two weeks of every quarter and during enrollment times.

For additional information, please visit our Contact Us page.

The contact information for the College and School Counselors can be accessed here.

For Departmental Announcements, and to receive updates on the Business Economics major application, subscribe to Econ-Alerts by adding yourself to the Undergraduate Economics Counseling Bruin Learn website.

For internships or any career-related information, please click here.

You may also wish to contact the UCLA Career Center:

Go to our faculty directory link, to get their email addresses and office locations.

Major Requirements

You can find information about the Economics major requirements here:

You can find information about the Business Economics major requirements here:

This new statistics/econometrics sequence includes the following courses:  Economics 41, 103/103L, and 104/104L.  The sequence will incorporate active learning, including but not limited to, extensive empirical examples and exercises. Students who have completed this sequence will ultimately be expected to have learned how to program in R. The knowledge and skills to analyze data are becoming increasingly important, and considered highly desirable by graduate schools and potential employers. This new sequence will give students a competitive edge in the era of the big data.

The course description for this and other Economics courses can be found here:

An FAQ about which students are required to take this new course can be found here:

As long as you are in good academic standing, have passing grades in any of our pre-major courses that you have already taken, and show that you can complete our pre-major within 135 units, we can place you into one of our pre-majors.  Please complete the Pre-Major Request Form on MyUCLA.

Only students that enter UCLA as freshman may declare the Pre-Economics or Pre-Business Economics majors.

Transfer students cannot declare the Pre-Economics or Pre-Business Economics majors if they were admitted to UCLA as a NON-Economics major.  Transfer students also cannot add one of our majors as a double major.
We do not change any major or pre-major statuses after Friday of Week 9 each quarter. At that point, you will be asked to return to our office in the following quarter once all of your grades in the current quarter have been processed and finalized. We recommend waiting until Week 3 or Week 4 to declare the pre-major, as the undergraduate counseling office is typically very busy during the first two weeks of each quarter.

Please complete the Pre-Major Request Form through MyUCLA.

Non-transfer students must complete the pre-major within 135 units, excluding AP units or other units earned prior to entering UCLA.

Transfer students must declare the major no later than after completing three regular quarters at UCLA (which is typically Fall, Winter, and Spring).  These students’ third quarter grades must appear on the transcript before they can declare the major.

You must have successfully completed the pre-major and all of your pre-major grades must be posted to your DAR before applying. A minimum 2.5 pre-major GPA is required, excluding the WII course, and a “C” or better in each course is needed to qualify.

Please complete the Economics Major Request Form. Please note that we will not process change of major requests during Week 10 or Finals Week of any given quarter.

Applications for the Business Economics major are available via the Undergraduate Economics Counseling Bruin Learn website and are accepted during the first three weeks of each quarter.  To sign up for Econ-Alerts – click here.

Please click here for eligibility criteria and requirements for admission into the Business Economics major.

If you have not met the requirements for the Business Economics major, you may still be able to be accepted into the Economics major. Please speak with an Economics counselor to discuss this further.

This is not permitted. However, if you decide to major in Business Economics, you may decide to pursue another major or a minor that meets your mathematical interests. If you decide to major in Mathematics/Economics, you can pursue a minor in accounting and you can take management courses. Please speak with a Mathematics counselor to discuss your options further.

In order to petition the College for a double major, you must first complete all of the pre-major course requirements for both majors, as well as two upper-division courses in each major.

The steps for petitioning a double major are explained here. When you submit the forms to an Economics counselor via the MyUCLA Message Center, the subject title of the message should be: Double Major Request.

Since you must apply for the Economics or Business Economics major by the time that you complete 135 units, you should contact the Department of Economics once you finish the Economics pre-major to unofficially declare the major if you are already in another major. You should submit an application for the Business Economics major if you have completed the pre-major even though you might not yet be eligible to declare the double major.  To declare the double major, you must have a 2.0 GPA in the upper division courses that you have completed for the Economics or the Business Economics major.


Students may not enroll in two courses that have the same meeting and/or exam times. Students are given a warning about the conflict in advance of them enrolling into the course to make them aware of the conflict and how this could impact them. The Economics Department does not support any adjustments be made to accommodate students who choose to enroll with a conflict.

All pre-major courses must be completed before you can officially enter the major. Many courses also have prerequisites. Please check with the Economics undergraduate counselors and review the Course Descriptions in the UCLA Catalog for prerequisites. Please note that Economics 11, 101, and 102 must be taken in sequence, although they do not have to be taken in consecutive quarters. Students also must take Econ 41 before taking Econ 103/103L, and must take Econ 103/103L before taking Econ 104/104L. We strongly recommend that Econ 11 and Econ 101 be taken in consecutive quarters, and similarly for the econometrics sequence.

No. PTE numbers are not given out for any of the undergraduate classes in the Department of Economics.

Yes. You may take any Economics class as long as it is not restricted and you meet the required prerequisites.

Please speak to an Economics counselor, or submit a question to us via our My.UCLA Message Center.

Economics 106 courses are open to students officially in Business Economics on both First and Second Passes.  If there is still a lot of space after all Business Economics majors have had the opportunity to enroll, the Department of Economics will consider opening up enrollment to seniors officially in Economics or Mathematics/Economics. If there is still space after that, juniors officially in Economics or Mathematics/Economics will have the opportunity to enroll.

Many upper division Management courses are restricted to students officially in Business Economics and/or the Minor in Accounting or the Minor in Entrepreneurship on First Pass.  Other students with at least junior standing can enroll on Second Pass.

Summer Sessions courses are not restricted to Business Economics majors, so any students who meet the prerequisites can enroll.

Yes, Economics 106 courses can count as an elective for both Economics and Business Economics majors. Please keep in mind that these courses are initially restricted to Business Economics majors. If you are able to enroll into an Economics 106 course, as long as it is completed for a letter grade, it will count as an elective for the Economics major.

Remember that if the Economics 106 course you enroll into has a lab offered, you are required to take the lab. The grading of both the lecture and the lab must match. Any course you want to count towards the major must be completed for a letter grade.

No, a drop does not count as a repeated course. Note that students cannot drop  an “Impacted” course after Friday of Week 2 except by petition and due to extenuating circumstances. Students with such a situation should meet with a counselor in their respective academic counseling office (AAP, CAC, etc.) to discuss if it is likely that a drop petition will be granted by the College.

You may repeat a course only if you earn a “C-” or lower. The College of Letters and Science allows students to repeat up to 16 units in which the second grade replaces the first in your UCLA GPA, although both grades will remain on your transcript. After 16 units of repeats, both grades are averaged into your GPA.

The Writing II course does not count in the pre-major repeat rule for our majors. If you need to repeat your Writing II course, it will not count against you.

Yes. Any course that has an associated lab is a co-requisite of the course. You must take the course and affiliated lab together, and you need to enroll in each course individually. Economics labs are designed to give students an opportunity to explore real-world examples in relation to their course.  Economics 103L is always a mandatory co-requisite for Economics 103.

Yes. If you fail to do this, you will not get credit for the lecture and the lab.

All of the courses required for a student’s major (i.e. core courses and electives that count towards the major) need to be taken for a letter grade. This includes Winter and Spring 2021.

An impacted course is one for which demand exceeds the number of seats available. Undergraduate students cannot drop an impacted course after Friday of Week 2 unless they have experienced exceptionally extenuating circumstances. The impacted courses in Economics include 11, 41, 101, 102, and 103.  For a comprehensive list of impacted courses at UCLA, click here.

The course to enroll in is Economics 195A. This course is worth two units, is graded on a P/NP basis, and does not apply toward the Economics or the Business Economics major. For more info, click here.

Even if the course is full, a student can still audit the course if the instructor is open to it.  Any student wishing to do so should contact the instructor directly.  If the instructor is okay with it, then they can manually give the student access to the course website.

Transferring Courses

The first thing we would suggest that you do is visit the UCLA International Education Office in 1332 Murphy Hall or by reviewing the IEO website at  You can also contact the staff in the IEO by calling 310-825-4995 or by sending an e-mail to

Most EAP application deadlines are 6 – 9 months in advance of departure. Students are encouraged to meet with an EAP counselor early in their college career to plan and prepare for a summer, semester, or year abroad.  Students majoring in Economics or Business Economics are also encouraged to speak with a Department of Economics counselor before studying abroad.  For more information, click here.

Business Economics and Economics majors may take a total of three upper division economics courses abroad or at another university to count towards the major. Students cannot take these courses at the same time that they are enrolled as regular students at UCLA during a regular quarter.

To ensure that the classes taken elsewhere will count toward the major, students must submit course syllabi to the undergraduate counselors for pre-approval by the faculty.  The syllabi should be submitted via the MyUCLA Message Center.  Note that the Department approves courses for content only.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that each course transfers back to UCLA as a minimum of four upper division units.

If you want to take a pre-major course at a California community college in the summer, you should use the website for articulation agreements.  If you want to take a course at a community college outside of California or at a four-year university other than UCLA, please check the course with a Department of Economics undergraduate counselor.  Ultimately, to be accepted into the major, you will need to make sure that the course in question is posted on your UCLA Degree Audit (DARS). The counselor will verify that your grade in the class is acceptable for you to be accepted into the major (“C” or higher).  Taking a pre-major course that is equivalent to one of our courses at a community college or another university will be calculated into your pre-major GPA and will count as a repeat if you receive a grade of “C-” or below.  For additional information about taking a course outside of UCLA for the major, please click here.

Yes. Economics courses completed at other universities come in as title credit, which means they are not considered to be directly equivalent to UCLA courses. Even if the Department approves a course from another university to fulfill a specific pre-major or major requirement, the UCLA enrollment system will not recognize the approval. The only exception to this is for courses deemed equivalent to Econ 1 and Econ 2.

To request enrollment assistance, please submit your request via the MyUCLA Message Center during your enrollment time or meet with an Economics counselor during your enrollment time.  Please note that the counselors process requests on business days only.

Additional Questions

Counselors in the College help students with their college and university requirements, general education requirements, credit transfers, planning for a double major, degree checks, and enrollment rules. If you have questions related to a major or minor, you should speak with a counselor in that major/minor department.

For information about the different College and School Advising Offices at UCLA, please visit the website below:

You can access your DAR from MyUCLA. If you need assistance understanding it, please meet with a counselor in your academic counseling office (AAP, CAC, Honors, etc.) or an Economics Undergraduate Counselor.

Please send a request to the counselors via the MyUCLA Message Center with the subject heading: Request to Update DAR.  Please be as specific as possible in your request.  Please allow 5 – 15 business days for the DAR to be updated.

The best way to learn about professors is by talking to students who have already taken a particular professor’s course. There is also for student feedback.

You can also explore the Department of Economics website for information on a professor’s interests, research, and background by clicking on the Faculty websites.

This information can be accessed here.

The names found on this website are Ph.D. students in the UCLA Department of Economics who are willing to tutor undergraduates.  The names are listed in a random order. Each tutor sets his or her own hourly rate for tutoring so there will be variation in the cost.  Please note that graduate students cannot tutor for the course for which they are currently serving as a Teaching Assistant.

Class level is based on the number of units completed and in progress, not based on the number of years attended.  Undergraduate levels, based on units, affect enrollment appointments and some course restrictions. A Freshman has completed 0-44.9 units, a Sophomore has completed 45-89.9 units, a Junior has completed 90-134.9 units, and a Senior has completed 135 or more units.

All deadlines fall on Friday of the week(s) indicated. If that Friday is a University holiday, the deadline is Thursday of that week. The list of deadlines can be found here.

For information on the current annual fees for UCLA undergraduates, please click here. For information on the estimated annual budget for a UCLA undergraduate student, click here.

For information about all of UCLA’s Summer Sessions courses and institutes, please click here. You can also email the Summer Sessions Office at or call 310.825.4101.

For information about UCLA’s Economics Summer Session Courses and its Precollege Summer Institutes – please click here.

You can find information on the Honors Program here.

The list of Minors at UCLA can be found here.  Please note that at least 20 units of the minor must be unique to the minor and not overlap with any second minor or major requirements (including prep and upper division requirements). Students may need to take additional classes to be sure they meet this requirement. Students in the College of Letters & Science wanting exceptions to this (i.e., wanting to overlap more than 2 courses with another program) would need to submit a Blue Petition to their Academic Counseling Unit, approved by the department.

Click here for information on this Minor.  You may also visit the Undergraduate Accounting Program Office, which is located in the UCLA Anderson School of Management, D413, Cornell Hall. The phone number of the Director of Student Affairs for this program is (310) 206-8711 and the email is

Click here for information on this Minor.  You may also visit the Student Affairs Officer for this Minor in 149 Humanities Building, or call (310) 825-1389.

Please contact the academic coordinator of Writing Programs by sending an e-mail to

Unfortunately, no.  Please contact a counselor in your academic counseling office (AAP, CAC, Honors, etc.) to receive a signature on these forms.

Visit the UCLA Career Center in the Strathmore Building for support with internship and employment-related questions. You may also wish to become involved in student clubs, organizations, and recreation focusing on your areas of interest.

In addition to contacting the faculty member(s) that you’d like to work with, please contact the staff in the Undergraduate Research Center for the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (URC).  The staff in this office serves all students in humanities, arts, social science, and behavioral science disciplines.

For more information, click here.

Undergrad students should also review the website below for assistance:

Please visit for information about the College of Letters & Science Main Commencement Ceremony and the Departmental Graduations.

Each graduate school has different requirements and preferences. Please contact the admissions officers and review the websites of the programs you are interested in attending for details.

For information about UCLA’s Master of Quantitative Economics program, click here.

For information about UCLA’s PhD program in Economics, click here.

For information about the graduate programs in UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, click here.