The Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics offers a major for students seeking a business orientation in their study of economics. It does not replicate the traditional undergraduate business school curriculum. Instead, it offers a more tightly focused curriculum that is guided by the rigorous logic and integrative perspective of economics. It is designed to prepare students for graduate education in business, economics, and law. The program requires students to include specific courses offered by the department and the John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Business Economics major, students will have achieved the following learning objectives:

  • Understanding, through application of microeconomics, of the interaction of individuals and organizations in markets; and of the role of public policy in shaping those interactions
  • Understanding, through application of macroeconomics, of the functioning of market economies at regional, national, and global levels; and of the role of public policy in shaping those interactions
  • Understanding and application of accounting principles to analysis of business problems
  • Acquisition and use of data to evaluate hypotheses with tables, charts, and statistical analyses
  • Use of appropriate analytical perspectives and approaches to frame problems involving the interaction of people, organizations, markets, and society; identify effective strategic approaches to problem solving; and gather and organize key information to facilitate problem solving

Major Requirements

  • Major requirements checklist, Prior to Fall 2020 (PDF)
  • Major requirements checklist, declaring the major Fall 2020 and beyond (PDF)
  • New students admitted to UCLA in Fall 2023 and beyond (PDF)
  • Official Requirements in UCLA Catalog


Additional Information

All students interested in the Economics and the Business Economics major should be on the Econ-Alert.

For information on how to declare Pre-Business Economics, please visit our Declare Our Majors page.

To apply for the Business Economics major, you must have completed the Pre-Major Courses and you must be on the Econ-Alert.  An email notice about the application is sent out in the form of an Econ Alert during the first three weeks of each regular quarter and during the first three weeks of Summer Session A.  Notification of acceptance into the Business Economics major will be provided approximately two weeks after the week three deadline — also in the form of an Econ Alert.  Students are asked to submit an application only if they meet all the application criteria.  Please note that there are specific applications for non-transfer and transfer students, so be sure to complete the appropriate application.

Please Note: The Bachelor of Arts in Economics is now classified as a STEM major (CIP Code 45.0603: Econometrics and Quantitative Economics). This change is in effect for students with a Degree Expected Term of Fall Quarter 2019 or later. It does not apply retroactively. Also note that the degree designation remains a “Bachelor of Arts”.