If you are reviewing this page – then you have been admitted to UCLA!  Congratulations!  We hope you decide to join us in the Fall!

If you are an admitted freshman or transfer student – we encourage you to visit information that we have assembled for our majors on the following website.

Our Department has also created an Undergraduate Handbook for our students pursuing the Economics or the Business Economics major that you will find especially helpful.

Finally, we encourage you to get a jump start on your UCLA course work by enrolling in UCLA’s Summer Session courses.

The UCLA Department of Economics will be offering a full schedule of courses this summer, as listed on the website below:


We are pleased to be offering our core preparation courses for our two majors this summer, including Economics 1, 2, 11, 41, 101, 102/ and 103/103L.

We especially encourage our admitted transfer students to enroll in Economics 11 and/or Economics 41 prior to their first Fall quarter at UCLA.  We strongly recommend that our transfer students take these courses in separate summer sessions and/or quarters.

Please note: Economics 11 is a prerequisite course to Economics 101, Economics 101 is a prerequisite course to Economics 102, and Economics 41 is a prerequisite course to Economics 103/103L.

Transfer Students

The Department of Economics is committed to the successful transition of transfer students to the campus community. After you are admitted, we encourage transfers to apply to our Excellence for Economics (EXEC) program. This will equip first-year transfer students with the skills and resources to excel academically, socially, and professionally.