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The Board of Visitors plays a key role in helping UCLA’s Department of Economics retain and enhance its position as one of the premier Departments and leaders in the field of Economics. As a result of the Board’s help and support we will continue to build upon the Department’s successes to reach the long-term goal of becoming the top economics department within a public university, and one of the top departments in the United States.


Your financial support can go a long way in ensuring our students continue to succeed during this trying time in our country. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and its fallout, the UCLA Department of Economics remains committed to supporting the members of our community in any way we can. We are thrilled by the ways in which our alumni and donors have heeded this call, too, and thank them for their generosity.  Thank you for your support!


Alumni Career Engagement UCLA

Through mutually beneficial partnerships-with our alumni and friends in the professional world, government agencies, and community organizations-the College of Letters & Science has long paved the way for continued leadership, impact and excellence. We have successfully consolidated and strengthened these partnerships, through Alumni Career Engagement UCLA.

Imagine innovative programs in which professionals and community leaders share their experiences with groups of students in small seminars, or take part in panel interviews of top students for coveted summer internships at local and national organizations. Imagine students helping non-profit or other community organizations to enhance their effectiveness and impact. Through Partnership UCLA, we have been piloting programs that do all of this, and more. Not only have these programs given students a competitive edge for success upon graduation, they have also strengthened our engagement with valued partners and the world beyond campus walls.


Sharpe Fellows Internship Program

The Sharpe Fellows internship program was created in 2008 to engage UCLA friends and alumni in supporting the career development needs of undergraduate students at UCLA.  The program has been successful in bringing together top employers with our brightest students. Since its inception the program has doubled in size, from the involvement of six alumni to a network of more than 50. The College Fellows have accepted internships at organizations like Proctor & Gamble, Saatchi & Saatchi, Walt Disney, Intel, GE, California State Assembly, and Deloitte Consulting. And, most impressive of all, 100% of College Fellows have had offers of full-time employment at graduation.

Lab Courses

Using a case study-based teaching method, instructors lead one-unit lab courses in which they introduce large, complex, unstructured problems that students must analyze, interpret and present to their peers. Lab courses focus on strengthening students’ analytical thinking, communication skills, and writing techniques, and link theory with the real world to provide them with a more comprehensive academic and applied skillset. Guest instructors from an accomplished pool of alumni and friends are brought in to share their experiences and professional advice.

Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series

Distinguished alumni are invited to campus on a regular basis to present a topic of interest related to their industry, or to career paths in general. These sessions, which are followed by Q&A and/or a reception, are always interactive and informative for students and any faculty who might attend. Topics have included career and professional opportunities, life after the degree, and other subjects of special interest.

Bruin Development Academy

A Professional Skills Training Institute specially designed for UCLA students

Helping students prepare for the world of work requires the support of our talented alumni network. Through intensive, hands-on training sessions, students participating in the Bruin Development Academy have an opportunity to learn valuable skills from today’s industry leaders. These training sessions focus on strengthening students’ analytical thinking, communication skills, writing techniques and other industry-specific skills to provide them with a more comprehensive academic and applied skillset. Guest instructors from an accomplished pool of alumni and friends are brought in to share their experiences and professional advice.

UCLA Social Enterprise Academy

The UCLA Social Enterprise Academy is a six-month social entrepreneurship program in which groups of UCLA students partner with participating social ventures to develop earned income opportunities and to present their ventures to potential investors. The program is designed to link students with established not-for-profits that are looking to enhance the effectiveness of their mission. In January 2012, the Academy launched its first course, Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship, in which students are introduced to the basics of business planning and then work in teams to develop a new revenue-generating business plan for the social enterprise to which they are assigned. Accomplished professionals serve as guest instructors to help participants learn about the basics of market research, operations, financial and business planning, marketing, SWOT analysis and pitching. The program also hosts UCLA friends and alumni as team coaches, judges and not-for-profit mentors.

For more information or to get involved, please contact
(310) 825-5246 | UCLA Alumni Career Center

UCLA Alumni Career Center is supported by generous UCLA alumni and friends