AEA Code of Conduct

All members of the American Economics Association (AEA) must adhere to its professional code of conduct, which encourages perfect freedom of economic research and economic discussion. The profession aspires to provide equal opportunity and fair treatment for all economists.

Violations of the code of conduct, for example due to sexual harassment and discrimination, can be reported to the AEA’s Ombudsperson, formally or informally. The AEA has the ability to impose sanctions on individuals who violate this code.

The AEA also encourages all economists to adopt best practices in the classroom and in all professional settings.

Resources at UCLA

Women in Econ at LA (WEcon@LA). WEcon@LA’s primary objective is to increase the share of women involved in each level of the economics profession, from college majors to first year PhD students to Full Professors. They help facilitate mentorship opportunities for female students at both the PhD and undergraduate level, help organize seminars for women to share their research, and encourage community building among women in the department.

Academic Advancement Program (AAP). The AAP fosters a community of excellence for first generation, low-income and students who have been historically underrepresented in higher education. It provides tutors for some UCLA classes and provides mentors for students interested in research and graduate school.

Riordan Career Development Program for First-Gen Students. This is a one-week session that generally takes place during the summer and is designed to prepare first-generation college students for internships and successful career in management.

The California Policy Lab.  The California Policy Lab works with local governments to study public policy issues.

Undergrad Societies and Centers at UCLA

And within UCLA, there are many associations then seek to promote the interests of economics students from all different backgrounds:

Association of Latino Professionals for America

Black Business Student Association

Bruin Women in Business

Latin Business Student Association

UCLA First to Go

UCLA LGBT Campus Resource Center