Econometrica - January 2023

Misallocation and Capital Market Integration: Evidence From India

Natalie Bau, Adrien Matray
Econometrica - January 2023

Inference for Large-Scale Linear Systems with Known Coefficients

Zheng Fang, Andres Santos, Azeem M. Shaikh, Alexander Torgovitsky
the review of economic studies
The Review of Economic Studies - November 2022

A Theory of Participation in OTC and Centralized Markets

Jérôme Dugast, Semih Üslü, Pierre-Olivier Weill
Quarterly journal
Quarterly Journal of Economics - August 2022

Dominant Currencies: How Firms Choose Currency Invoicing and Why it Matters

Mary Amiti, Oleg Itskhoki, and Jozef Konings
Journal of Political Economy - July 2022

Estimating an Equilibrium Model of Horizontal Competition in Education

Natalie Bau
Journal of Political Economy - June 2022

The Dynamics and Spillovers of Management Interventions: Evidence from the Training within Industry Program

Nicola Bianchi and Michela Giorcelli
American Economic Review - May 2022

Supply and Demand in Disaggregated Keynesian Economies with an Application to the COVID-19 Crisis

David Baqaee and Emmanuel Farhi
Journal of Political Economy - May 2022

Trade, Structural Transformation, and Development: Evidence from Argentina 1869–1914

Pablo Fajgelbaum and Stephen J. Redding