We offer three undergraduate economics-related degree programs

While these three programs overlap in certain fundamental and basic knowledge bases, they differ considerably in their focus. We also offer one concentration:

For information on the Economics courses, honors program, undergraduate scholarships, and useful information from the College of Letters & Science – please review our Economics Undergraduate Student Handbook.

CURRENT STUDENTS! To declare the Pre-Major in Economics, the Pre-Major in Business Economics, or the Economics major, please complete the Change of Major Request Form and submit the form to the Economics Undergraduate Counseling Office online via the MyUCLA Message Center. The subject title of the message should be: Change of Major Request Form. Please note that it might take between 3 – 10 business days for each request to be processed. We do not change any pre-major or major statuses beginning Monday of Week 10 of every quarter. Please submit your form after all of your grades in the current quarter have posted on your Degree Audit Report.

To add Pre Economics or Pre Business Economics to your record, please complete the Undergraduate Program Change Petition.  Please submit the form to the Econ undergrad counselors via the MyUCLA Message Center. The subject title of the message should be: Addition of PRE Major.

The steps for petitioning a double major are explained at here. When you submit the forms to an Economics counselor via the MyUCLA Message Center, the subject title of the message should be: Double Major Request.

Scholarships & Fellowships

Are you interested in pursuing a scholarship or fellowship with the Department of Economics? Visit our site here for more information!

Scholarships & Fellowships