Social Sciences Computing Network

The Social Science Division of the College of Letters and Science maintains a Social Science Computing Network (SSCNet) through which over 1500 departmental computers are tied via a network to Novell, NT and Unix servers. It operates three fully networked computer laboratories, which are open from 8am to 9pm weekdays, and noon-4pm on weekends. Laser printer and color output is available.

Software available in the computer labs includes spreadsheets, databases, word processing programs ( Word, WordPerfect, TeX) and various class specific programs. Software for statistical analysis and mathematical simulations includes SAS, SPSS, Stata, MATLAB, LIMDEP, Minitab, S-PLUS, GAUSS, and MATHEMATICA. Internet access via Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers as well as Telnet and FTP are also available.

Departmental Facilities

The Economics Department’s computer lab has a number of networked Windows PC’s available with laser printing and scanning capability. Located on the second floor of Bunche Hall, this lab is open 24-hours/day to all UCLA graduate Economics students based on full-time enrollment.

In addition to this lab are various department maintained research labs, used by faculty and their research assistants.

Funding for Conferences

The department offers funding for graduate students to attend conferences. Students may receive up to $300/year for attending a conference if they are not presenting.  Students are eligible to receive $500/year if they also present.

The application form is here.

Advice for Writing a Thesis

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