List of Tutors for Winter 2024

The names on the list below are the Ph.D. students in the UCLA Department of Economics who are willing to tutor UCLA undergraduate students. Please be sure to review all pages of this document so that you can review each tutor’s statement.

Each tutor sets his or her own hourly rate for tutoring so there will be variation in the cost.

PLEASE NOTE:  A graduate student cannot tutor, nor can he/she serve as a grader, for any of the courses for which he/she is currently serving as a Teaching Assistant.

For additional tutoring resources on campus, including those for other disciplines, please check out the General ASK Tutoring Resources created by UCLA’s College Academic Counseling Office in the College of Letters & Science.

Econ Courses
Cho, Sungwoochosw13 [at]
6th yr11, 101l am a fifth-year PhD student with many years of teaching experience, especially on microeconomics. I speak English and Korean fluently and am available to tutor on Zoom. I can help you with problem sets, prepare for exams and/or understand course material better.
Costley, Patrickpatrickmcostley [at]
2nd yr1, 11, 41, 101, 103, 104I do applied microeconomics. I have previously worked in research in the non-profit industry primarily using Stata; I have some experience with R. I enjoy teaching and am available to meet in-person on campus or by Zoom.
Dai, Chloedaimu01 [at] g.ucla.edu1st yr41, 182A Available both in zoom and in-person
Fabrizi, Domenicodomenicofabrizi [at]
6th1, 11Domenico is a 5th year PhD candidate with ten years of experience tutoring and TAing undergrads in microeconomics. He is a TA awardee (at UCLA), and can teach both in person or on zoom. He is tutoring for Econ 1 and Econ 11. Domenico is fluent in English and Italian. He only tutors UCLA students.
Fan, Jingyujfan411 [at] gmail.com1, 11, 101, 106P, 106G, 106IJingyu Fan, PhD in Economics. Has 5+ years of experience teaching economics at UCLA. Specializes in microeconomics. Has deep understanding of advanced theories and is capable of conveying them to students in simple language. Very familiar with the course contents of 11, 101, 106P and 106I. Available for tutoring appointments in Winter 2024, in person or over zoom.
Fiedler, Filipefilipefiedler [at] g.ucla.edu2nd yrEcon 1, 2, 11, 101, 102I have long experience in tutoring and I was TA for Econ 101 and for various classes in Brazil during my undergraduate and master programs, especially for courses related to Micro and Econometrics. Available for in person and Zoom lessons. Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish
Flores, Dianadianaflores [at] ucla.edu6th yr1, 11, 101, 103I have over 5 years of teaching experience in microeconomics and econometrics for undergrad and graduate levels here at UCLA. I have also tutored statistics and math for non-economic students. I can help students to solve homework and prepare for tests. Moreover, I am familiar with CAE's facilitation of academic accommodations, and I am happy to practice problem-solving techniques and strategies. I am available for both in-person and online tutoring.
He, Bangyubangyuhe [at]
4th yr102, 106FI TAed ECON 102 for three consecutive quarters with overall evaluations around 8. I speak English and Mandarin. I am happy to tutor in person or over zoom.
Hutchinson, Charliechutchinson98 [at]
1st yr1,11,2Hi! I'm a first-year student in UCLA's PhD and I have a master's degree in economics from LSE. I have been tutoring undergraduate courses for several years, and am very passionate about making complex economic concepts intuitive - both to help you pass your exams, and to make economics useful to you. I am a native English speaker and happy to tutor in person (preferred) or over Zoom. I know tutoring can be expensive, so I'm happy to tutor either one-on-one or in small groups.
Kolenikov, Timofeykolenikovt [at]
2ndECON 1, ECON 101, ECON 11
Happy to meet in person or over zoom! I have experience TAing intermediate microeconomics courses.
Leal, Felipelealnfelipe[at]gmail.com3rd yr1, 2, 11, 41, 101, 102, 103, 104, 140, 143I have previously been a TA for the undergraduate level: econ 1, introductory macroeconomics, introductory microeconomics, macroeconomics I, macroeconomics II, macroeconomics III, political economy, and for the graduate level: macroeconomics I, macroeconomics II, international economics and Trade. Some of them taught in English and others in Spanish. Available for virtual and/or in person tutoring.
Lee, Jamesjlee13931 [at] g.ucla.edu3rd yr41, 103, 104Hi! I have experience teaching and tutoring for almost 10 years now. I have TA'd at UCLA for Econ 104, tutored for SMC macroeconomic courses, and TA'd and graded at UChicago for calculus and statistics courses. It can be calculus, statistical analysis, or coding in R/matlab- I'll do my best to make sure you learn the concepts for yourself. Preferably in person, or available on Zoom/other video conferencing, and feel free to reach out even if you are financially constrained.
Leepipatpiboon, Patpatchl [at] ucla.edu5th yr2, 11, 41, 102, 106VPat has a previous experience being a TA for ECON 2, 41, 97 102 and 106V. She is available both in person or via Zoom.
Li, Victorvjl11 [at] g.ucla.edu1st yr1, 10R, 11, 41, 104, 106GHello! I have experience TA'ing an undergraduate microeconomics course at Georgetown. I can also help with R, as I have extensive professional experience across contexts including econometric analysis, big data, and some light algorithm/engineering work. I'm a native English speaker and happy to tutor in-person or over Zoom!
Longmuir, Ryanlongmuiryan [at] gmail.comI worked as a research assistant for the Federal Reserve for three years, using R and Python to help economists analyze market conditions. I have also worked as a TA for an R course taught at Howard University.
Martner, Antonioamartner [at]ucla.edu4th yrEcon 11I can tutor Econ 11 in English or Spanish in person or through Zoom. I have TAed Econ 11 in six different quarters and am a summer instructor for Econ 11.
Molligo, Patrickpmolligo [at] gmail.com4th yr1, 41, 103, 104I study applied microeconomics with an emphasis on labor and economic history. Before UCLA I was a research assistant at the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C. where I also taught a course on data analysis using R. I'm happy to meet in person, on zoom, and in groups.
Mosquera, Santiagosmosquera [at]g.ucla.eduu
2nd yrEcon 1, Econ 11, Econ 101, Econ 102I have 4 years of experience as a professor in economics and tutor in Argentina. I can do both Zoom or in-person.
Navjeevan, Manumnavjeevan [at] g.ucla.edu6th yr1, 2, 41, 101As a tutor I hope to help students gain intuition for the subject as well as develop the quantitative skills needed for economics coursework.
Palleja, Mariano Joaquinnano.palleja [at] gmail.com6th yr1, 2, 5, 11, 101, 102, 106F, 106M, 106V, 160I'm a 5th year Econ PhD student. I have 6 years of teaching experience, from macroeconomics to financial calculus, and from 70 people classroom to personalized classes. In UCLA, I taught Econ 1, 102, and 106V with overall evaluations around 8. I speak English and Spanish. Regarding methodology, my classes are result oriented (I want you to understand but mostly to excel in the exams), even though we can discuss any topic you are interested in. Given the outbreak of COVID-19, I am available through Zoom, Skype, or any other platform you might find convenient.
Righi, Giogiovannirighi [at] bellsouth.net6th yr1, 2, 11, 41, 101, 102, 103I'm available to tutor all lower-division econ courses. I've tutored and taught for several years, and can help you with homework, exams, or study prep. Did undergrad at UGA; native English speaker.
Saravia, Estefaniaesaravia [at]
2nd yrEcon 1, Econ 11, Econ 101, Econ 2, Econ 103
I offer students comprehensive virtual or in-person tutoring sessions that simplify complex economic concepts to enhance their understanding and academic performance on the classes. I can help with specific challenging exercises and I try to be as available as possible during exam periods.
Serrano, Joaquinserranojqn [at] gmail.com6th1, 2, 5, 11, 101, 103, 41, StataI am a Ph.D. student, with undergrad and master’s degrees in economics. I have 6 years of teaching experience, from introductory econometrics to labor economics. I am organized, patient and goal-oriented i.e. focused on making students succeed in their exams. I can tutor one-on-one or small groups. Also willing to tutor Stata. I speak English and Spanish. I have experience teaching electronically and am available to tutor over Zoom, Skype, or similar platforms.
Seivers, Madisonmsievers [at] g.ucla.edu1st yr1, 10P, 11, 41, 101, 104, 106G, 148, 150Hi there, I am an economics PhD student and am happy to tutor most undergraduate micro classes. I also have 4 years of work experience as a data scientist, so I can help with all of your Python / ML questions. I am a native English speaker and prefer to tutor in person, but am also available over Zoom.
Urbina Rodriguez, Robert Pabloroburbina18 [at] ucla.edu2nd1, 2, 10P, 11, 41, 97, 101, 102, 103, 104, 106G, 140, 141, 142, 143, 160, 161Robert has experience as a TA in Peru and Brazil in a variety of Economics courses. He is patient and will do his best to make sure you learn the economic concepts clearly for yourself. Tutoring lessons can be taught in Spanish (native), Portuguese, or English. He is also available for one-on-one or small groups via Zoom.
Watkins, Natashatashawatkins [at] gmail.com5th yr104I am available to tutor Econ 104. Having previously being a
TA for this class three times, I am very familiar with the course content and have received good feedback from students. I’m available to tutor over Zoom.
Wu, Angelayingjiewu [at] ucla.edu4th yr1, 2, 11, 41, 101, 103, 106PI have TAed for the courses listed and won the best TA award in the past. After undergrad, I worked at an economic consulting firm, and as a part-time job, I tutored for GRE and economic courses at another university. I'm fluent in English and Mandarin and happy to meet either on campus or on zoom.
Zhai, Jiayinjiayinzhai [at] outlook.com5th41, 101Jiayin has lots of TA experience for Econ 41 and 101 at UCLA. She is available to tutor via Zoom or in person on campus. She is especially good at explaining mathematical concepts in economics and helping students improve understanding of course materials. Please contact her through ucla email.
Zhang, Lukeyasheng [at] ucla.edu6thEcon 1, Econ 11, Econ 101I have 5 years of extensive teaching, TAing, and tutoring experience, focusing primarily on microeconomics courses. I have a weak preference for Zoom meetings but can accommodate in-person meetings in the Alper Room.