Modeled after the Sharpe Fellows program, the Economics Undergraduate Research Fellows Program is an opportunity for students to get hands-on experience in economic research. With the support of the Economics Board of Visitors, the program supports talented undergraduates to work side-by-side with a faculty member on the professor’s research team and received professional development training, and personalized coaching. Successful applicants will receive a stipend of $2500 per quarter during winter and spring quarter, and will present their findings at various spring events.

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If selected for the program, students will be responsible for reaching out to faculty and securing a research project. The research responsibilities will be dependent on what the faculty member needs.

Applications are open to juniors and seniors during the fall. Please check back then..

Frequently Asked Questions: Undergraduate Research Fellows Program


  1. What is expected of the Research Fellow?

Students are expected to work approximately 10 hours per week with a faculty member during the quarter and to present their work at events during the spring quarter and Undergraduate Research Week.  Students are expected to be professional and attend meetings with the faculty member at the appointed time and to be prepared for these meetings. They will be expected to meet deadlines and project timelines set out by the professor. Each fellow will be asked to meet as a cohort and undergo training to prepare for their final presentations.


  1. How will I know with whom I will be working?

If selected, students will be able to contact any faculty member with whom they are interested in working within the Department of Economics. Faculty will be given information about all fellows and will have the option of contacting students directly.  The Chair and Vice Chair will help facilitate matches should the fellow be unable to find a match themselves.


  1. What are the application requirements?

The application requirements include success as a student, a demonstrated interest for research, and an interest in economics. Applicants should have a 3.2 GPA, and must have already completed Econ 101. Completion of Econ 103 is not required but is strongly preferred.


  1. What is the expected time commitment for this Fellowship?

The time commitment expected is 10 hours per week. However, this will ultimately be decided by your agreement with the faculty member you choose to work with and the demands of the project. Fellows will also be required to attend monthly cohort meetings.


  1. What kind of research will applicants be participating in with the professors?

The research responsibilities will be dependent on what the faculty needs.  Students may be working on analyzing data, constructing data sets, running regressions, creating graphs and charts, editing text, summarizing articles, etc.


  1. What would be the role of the student in the program?

You would be an undergraduate research assistant. The specific responsibilities would depend on the project and the faculty member you choose to work with.


  1. When is the application due?

The application opens during the fall quarter and the deadline is typically in October..


  1. I am graduating at the end of the Winter quarter in my final year. Am I still eligible to apply?

No, you are not eligible. Research Fellows must be a registered student during winter and spring quarter the year they plan to apply..


  1. May I choose a faculty member outside of UCLA’s Economics Department to do research with?

No.  This program is for students who are interested in Economics research only.


  1. Do I have to be majoring in Economics to participate?

The program is open to all students regardless of major, but priority is given to Economics, Business Economics, and Mathematics/Economics majors.


  1. When will I hear if I have been awarded a research fellowship?

UCLA Economics Research Fellows are typically announced in October or November.


  1. Who is sponsoring this program?

The UCLA Economics Research Fellows program is sponsored by the UCLA Economics Board of Visitors and managed the UCLA Alumni Association.  The Department is grateful for their commitment to undergraduate education.

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