UCLA offers a variety of learning opportunities for undergraduates both inside and outside the classroom. Here are a selection of our programs.

Partnership UCLA helps students to explore career options and gain practical professional skills in and out of the classroom via training programs, guest lectures, and other programming.

Startup UCLA provides a community in which students and alumni can develop and launch their ideas. A large component of this is the Summer Accelerator which provides early-stage startups with a workspace and guidance by top entrepreneurs, investors and skill experts. The ten-week program incorporates best practices and knowledge in entrepreneurship, technology, and design.

The UCLA Department of Economics is also in the preliminary stage of launching a set of Concentrations. These help students identify a set of courses focused on a particular area study or career goal and provide co-curricular activities tied to that specialization. We currently offer a concentration in Value Investing but hope to expand that to Corporate Strategy and Competition, and to Public Finance and Economic Policy, among other areas. Concentrations are completely optional and will not show up on students’ transcripts or other official documents.

UCLA sponsors over one thousand registered Student Organizations. Many of these have a focus on business and economics