Econ. 103 Introduction to Econometrics
Econ. 104 Data Science for Economists
Econ. 106D Designed Markets
Econ. 106E Economics of Entrepreneurship
Econ. 106F Finance
Econ. 106G Introduction to Game Theory
Econ. 106I Organization of the Firm
Econ. 106M Financial Markets and Financial Institutions
Econ. 106P Pricing and Strategy
Econ. 106T Economics of Technology and E-Commerce
Econ. 106V Investments
Econ. 121 International Trade Theory
Econ. 122 International Finance
Econ. M123 Foreign Exchange Market and Exchange Rate Forecasting
Econ. 130 Public Finance
Econ. 131 The Economics of Health and Health Care
Econ. 134 Environmental Economics
Econ. 141 Mathematical Finance
Econ. 143 Advanced Econometrics
Econ. 144 Economic Forecasting
Econ. 145 Topics in Mathematical Economics
Econ. 148 Behavioral Economics
Econ. 150 Labor Economics
Econ. 160 Money and Banking
Econ. 161 Monetary Theory
Econ. 164 Advanced Topics in Macroeconomics: Theory of Economic Growth
Econ. 165 History of Capitalism in American Economy
Econ. 167 Victims and Villains; Panics and Bubbles
Econ. 168 Introduction to Principles of Value Investing
Econ. 169 Applied Value Investing
Econ. 170 Industrial Organization: Theory and Tactics
Econ. 171 Industrial Organization: Policy and Regulation
Econ. 183 Development of Economic Institutions in the U.S.