In December 2018, Professor Bill Simon, co-founder of the Value Investing Program, had the honor to meet super-investor Warren Buffett at his office in Omaha, Nebraska. Here, Mr. Buffett is seen holding the 2018-19 UCLA Value Investing Program t-shirt before their dinner together. On the right is the letter Mr. Buffett wrote Professor Simon on receiving the news that the Value Investing Program had been named for Benjamin Graham, Mr. Buffett’s mentor. The Program could not be more pleased to have the encouragement of Benjamin Graham’s most extraordinary student.

The Economics Department is delighted to announce the renaming of its undergraduate Value Investing Program after the field’s pre-eminent pioneer, Benjamin Graham. With the concurrence and encouragement of Mr. Graham’s son, Dr. Benjamin Graham, Jr., the program will now be known as the Benjamin Graham Value Investing Program.

The Benjamin Graham Value Investing Program is intended to prepare undergraduates for a wide range of careers in which they will be faced with the challenge of evaluating investment opportunities and making active decisions to direct capital to enhance value. Such careers include high level executive positions within companies, careers in alternative investment firms such as private equity or distressed debt firms, or in actively managed mutual funds. A student graduating from this program will be able to understand the full set of fundamental economic and strategic forces that favor or disfavor a particular investment opportunity from both a theoretical and historical perspective.

The Benjamin Graham Value Investing Program consists of 1) an academic concentration in Value Investing consisting taught by real-world practitioners known as “Investors in Residence” and 2) the Simon Fellowship, a recruitment platform created to provide exceptional undergraduates with avenues to explore careers at hedge funds, private equity firms, and other buy-side roles.

For more information, please contact Program Managers, Humberto Merino-Hernandez or Tony Winston, for the Value Investing Concentration.

E-mail: hmhernandez@econ.ucla.edu
Direct Line: (310) 500-4289

E-mail: twinston@econ.ucla.edu
Direct Line: (310) 500-4282