Department of Economics Undergraduate Counseling Listserv

Please visit this website for important updates for our current and prospective Economics students.

Do you know if you need to take Econ 103?  Is it true there are no PTE’s for economics courses? Are you interested in hearing information about the Entrepreneurship Minor?

Our Department’s SSC CCLE Website – also known as our Economics Undergraduate Counseling Listserv – is the only place you will get crucial and accurate information on issues concerning course enrollments, the Business Economics application, and scholarship announcements.

Updates such as changes in policies, deadlines, and campus resources are sent to you by this e-mail service as well.

These messages will be accessible via the undergraduate Department of Economics SSC CCLE website.

Instructions on how to add yourself to the website are on the landing page. Once you have access, you will automatically receive Econ-Alerts.