UCLA Resources

Office of Undergraduate Admission – http://www.admission.ucla.edu/

New Student & Transition Programs – http://www.newstudents.ucla.edu/

Academic Counseling Offices- http://www.registrar.ucla.edu/Academics/Academic-Counseling

Undergraduate Research Center – http://www.ugeducation.ucla.edu/urhass/

Student Affairs Programs and Services – http://www.studentaffairs.ucla.edu/Programs-Services

Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center – http://www.studenthealth.ucla.edu/

Bruin Card Center – https://secure.bruincard.ucla.edu/bcw/web/Contactus/contactus.aspx

Career Center – http://www.career.ucla.edu/

Registrar’s Office – http://registrar.ucla.edu

Counseling & Psychological Services – http://www.counseling.ucla.edu/

Bruin Resource Center – http://www.brc.ucla.edu/

Summer Sessions – http://www.summer.ucla.edu/

Center For Community Learning – http://www.uei.ucla.edu/communitylearning.htm

International Education Office – http://www.ieo.ucla.edu/

Financial Aid & Scholarships Office – http://financialaid.ucla.edu/

Scholarship Resource Center – http://www.scholarshipcenter.ucla.edu/

LGBT Campus Resource Center – http://www.lgbt.ucla.edu/

Center for Accessible Education (CAE) – formerly OSD – http://www.cae.ucla.edu/

Dashew Center for International Students – http://www.internationalcenter.ucla.edu/

Housing – https://housing.ucla.edu/

Transportation Services – https://main.transportation.ucla.edu/

Social Sciences Computing – https://computing.sscnet.ucla.edu/

Lynda.com – Online Software Training – for staff, students, and faculty

UCLA Summer ESL and Writing Course – to perfect writing and presentation skills.

UCLA Extension – Even more classes to aid writing and presentation.