Joseph Lei

2007 The Donald Edward Bragg & Diane Sims Bragg Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Mr. Lei was born in Chicago and moved to California when he was three. He entered UCLA as a Computer Science/Electrical Engineering major, but after his first entrepreneurial experience on eBay, he decided to change his major to Business Economics. Ever since then, he has found that business is his true calling, from selling items online to starting and running businesses that provide creative solutions for customers. While Joseph is currently a full time student, he also works as the Founder and CEO of Campus Suits, a company he started that markets professional business attire to college students. Joseph also serves as the Co-Chair of Entrepreneurship with the Asian Professional Exchange (APEX) and sits on the Board of Directors of the Entrepreneur Mentor Society (EMS), a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and encourage entrepreneurship in all its forms.

Future Plans: After graduation, Joseph plans to continue working part-time with Campus Suits to help expand the business to college campuses across the nation while at the same time pursuing a career in business and intra/entrepreneurship. Joseph plans to travel to Asia and Europe to develop a worldwide perspective and to use that understanding to build responsible businesses that improve lives. Although uncertain in which field he will pursue his career, Joseph has interests in private equity and finance, mergers and acquisitions.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am honored to have received this scholarship and will be using it to help cover educational expenses for this coming year. As this year approaches as a trial by fire for Campus Suits, this scholarship will enable me to focus on my studies and provide cash flow support so profits may be reinvested for growth rather than withdrawn to help pay for educational expenses. Receiving this scholarship has made me more aware of others’ belief in me and the expectations of those around me. By receiving this scholarship I hope to continue expanding my horizons through education as well as gaining experience in the business world. These opportunities will enable me to strengthen my weaknesses and develop a solid foundation with which to enter the business world and ultimately give back to this community which has been so supportive of students such as me, thank you.