Nahuel Costilla

2007 John J. Peterson Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Nahuel Pedro Costilla was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of six, he came to the United States with his family. He attended elementary, middle and high school in the San Fernando Valley and, after completing his general education at Los Angeles Valley College, transferred to UCLA. Currently in his senior year, he is majoring in Business Economics and Psychology—to pursue his interest in business along with his curiosity of people—and minoring in Accounting—to provide a technical foundation for his entry into the corporate world. Nahuel is part of the Council of Student Members for Golden Key International Honour Society and a Vice President of the Society’s local chapter at UCLA. He has also been active in the Academic Advancement Program (AAP) at UCLA as both a tutor and tutee and expects to continue doing so into the coming year. In his spare time, Nahuel enjoys playing soccer, reveling in nature and experiencing the novelties of life.

Future Plans: Nahuel plans to graduate from UCLA in the spring of 2008. He then expects to begin working for either an Accounting or Consulting company. After a number of years, Nahuel expects to return to school to pursue his MBA and, once he has received it, plans to use it to leverage his entry into a management position in a private company.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: Thanks to the John J. Peterson scholarship, I will be able to continue my education without having to worry so much about how I will pay for my tuition each quarter. I appreciate the opportunity that’s been given to me and I am committed to make full use of it.