Lauren Beale

2007 Professor Harry Simons Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship for the Study of Accounting Recipient

Biography: Lauren Beale is a third-year Business Economics major and Accounting minor student. She has been fortunate to work under several of the distinguished accounting faculty at the Anderson Graduate School of Management, including work on a directed research project. Lauren also works as a peer counselor for the Undergraduate Accounting Program and is an officer of the Student Accounting Society. This year, she will be pursuing a summer internship with a public accounting firm, alongside her peers in the Class of 2009. Her hobbies include reading classic literature, traveling, and playing classical piano.

Future Plans: In the next two years, Lauren intends to finish the College Honors program and complete a thesis project for the Economics Departmental Honors program. After graduation, she plans to earn her CPA license, gain work experience with a public accounting firm, and pursue a Masters of Business Administration. She also hopes to spend time traveling to broaden her cultural horizons.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the donors of the Professor Harry Simons Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship for understanding that their contributions not only ease financial burdens but renew in students the faith that their achievements, academic integrity, and determination can be rewarded. Personally, the most gratifying aspect of receiving this award is the knowledge that someone has confidence enough in me to see me through the remainder of my college career. With the stress of paying bills alleviated, I am motivated to take on new academic and extracurricular pursuits that will cultivate the skills I need to accomplish my goals. I would also like to thank the UCLA Department of Economics for making such opportunities available and maintaining a standard of excellence that primes UCLA graduates to be successful and respected members of their communities.