Paramveer Singh Toor

2013 Patricia and Harry L. Bruce Endowed Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Paramveer Singh Toor is a fourth-year student pursuing a degree in Business Economics and Aerospace Engineering. Paramveer initially registered at UCLA as an Engineering major, but after taking his first microeconomics class with Professor Sproul, he developed a keen interest in economics and decided to add it as his second major. Paramveer’s credentials are multivariate; he extensively participated in engineering projects at UCLA such AIAA Design, Build & Fly, Baja SAE and Formula SAE. Lately, he devoted more than a year serving as a Drivetrain Technology lead for UCLA’s Formula SAE team. During his duration of time there, he participated in designing and manufacturing a race car for UCLA. Last summer, Paramveer also interned as a race-engineering intern in the motorsport industry, where he worked on drivetrain and control subsystems of racecars. Paramveer is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta & Phi Eta Sigma Honor societies and is a re-founding father of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at UCLA. He has also conducted research on Inorganic Aqueous Solutions (IAS) in Professor Ivan Catton’s heat transfer lab in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering department at UCLA. Paramveer currently works as a grader for an upper division Thermodynamics class in the MAE department. In the future, he sees himself inclining more towards quantitative finance and is planning to pursue a career in this field.

Future Plans: After completing the curriculum for his bachelor’s, Paramveer plans to study quantitative finance and to pursue his career goal of becoming a quantitative trader. In this field, Paramveer would also like to commit his time to applying the skills he garnered and become a potential employee in a hedge fund as a senior-level trading analyst.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: Words do not even begin to describe how incredibly honored I am that my hard work is acknowledged. I would like to thank the UCLA Economics Department for availing access to this scholarship and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce for their generosity. This scholarship was given to me at a very crucial opportune time: the funds will not only help me apply to graduate schools but will also contribute to the tuition fee for the Spring Quarter. As a result, I can concentrate on my coursework and on my senior year UAV group project.