Brendan Yeh

2013 The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics Recipient

Biography: Brendan Yeh is a second-year student pursuing a major in Business Economics and minors in accounting and film. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, developing himself as an elite academic student as well as a skilled soccer player and violinist. After graduating high school, Brendan chose to attend UCLA due to the educational opportunities, dynamic culture, entertainment industry and beautiful weather. Throughout his time at UCLA, Brendan has proven himself to be a high scholastic achiever in addition to being extremely active in the community. He is heavily involved with the Campus Events Commission, Undergraduate Business Society, the UCLA Department of Medicine, and Greek life as an active brother of Lambda Chi Alpha. In his free time, he enjoys getting together with friends and family, traveling, staying fit, playing soccer and embarking on thrilling experiences.

Future Plans: Brendan has broad future plans. His interests focus on a career in business ranging from consulting to a relevant position in the entertainment industry. He hopes to secure an internship with Deloitte, Disney, or Bayer Corporation this summer. Long term, he plans to pursue a MBA degree. Brendan also holds an interest in aerospace engineering. Broadly, Brendan’s professional goal is to be an altruistic, social, and well-rounded individual who is attuned to all types of people. As he still in the process of discovering his specific interests, his primary goal is to develop himself as a person. Upon graduation, Brendan hopes to spend some time traveling to expand his understanding of the world before continuing his career.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am honored and humbled to be named the recipient of The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics. This award recognizes the hard work and passion I have put forth in my past achievements and encourages me to continue my dedication towards my studies and activities. With this scholarship, I will be more able to focus on my academics and involvement in the UCLA community. Additionally this scholarship will assist me in my path towards financial independence. Genuinely, I would like to thank the donors of The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics for their generosity.