Mansour Rabbanian

2013 The Lawrence and Joan E. Henderson Fund Recipient

Biography: Mansour Rabbanian grew up in Beverly Hills and attended Hillel Hebrew Academy Middle School and YULA High School. He served as student body president in both schools. Mansour was captain of his high school’s varsity tennis team from his sophomore year until he graduated. Although he took great interest in both mathematics and history, he ultimately decided to pursue a degree in Business Economics at UCLA, one of the school’s most challenging courses of study.
Mansour is currently interning at a real estate management firm, where he is learning the ins and outs of real estate financing and investing. He finds it very gratifying to apply his academic studies to a real-life business setting. Mansour also takes pleasure in exploring entrepreneurial ideas and bringing them to life. He plays basketball and follows the Los Angeles Clippers.

Future Plans: After receiving his B.A., Mansour plans to pursue graduate education in the field of real estate. He intends to work in the realm of real estate and investment and eventually to start his own firm.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: Receiving the Anderson Scholarship means a lot to me and it will be of substantial help. This scholarship will allow me to invest more time in my studies and cut down on my work hours. It is very important to me to make the most of my educational opportunities and to focus on my education to the greatest extent I can while I am at UCLA. The peace of mind that this scholarship gives me and the sense of accomplishment and pride I take in it are truly priceless. I would like to thank the Anderson family for their generosity and for their commitment to supporting business economics education and academic merit.