Erik Emilsson

2005 John J. Peterson Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Erik grew up in the small town of Bjarred, Sweden located in the southwestern corner of the country. Sports have always been a big part of his life. Growing up Erik played golf, tennis, soccer, and track. Midway through high-school he realized his greatest potential would take place on the track and after successful junior and senior years he earned a scholarship to Tulane University in New Orleans. After spending his freshman year at Tulane University he transferred to UCLA after discontinuation of the Tulane Track-program. At UCLA Erik received the opportunity to combine academics and athletics at the highest level. Erik will graduate this spring with a major in Business Economics and a minor in accounting. Erik is the son of Nils and Harriet Emilsson and the oldest of three siblings (Carl, 21 and Maria, 17).

Future Plans: Erik is currently doing an internship at the accounting and business-services firm of Gumbiner, Savett, Finkel, Fingleson & Rose located in Santa Monica. Having a true passion of finance and the stock market, Erik will to pursue a career in the accounting or investment-banking industry. Following a couple of years of work he intends to go back to school to pursue his MBA. Being a member of the UCLA track-team under coach Eric Peterson, Erik’s ambitions as a post-collegiate runner are high as well.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: As an international student the John J. Peterson Award allows me the ability to focus all my energy on my educational progress and my athletic training while still being able to meet financial demands. The award will also allow for more flexibility in traveling, both home to my family as well as abroad to pursue professional opportunities. I would like to very much thank Mr. Peterson for his generosity and for the opportunities it has afforded me.