Kamal Patel

2005 Navigant Consulting Inc. Award in Business Economics Recipient

Biography: Kamal Patel is an undergraduate honors student with a double major in Business Economics and Political Science and a minor in accounting. At UCLA, Kamal is a manager of the Career Development Committee of the Undergraduate Business Society. As manager, Kamal is responsible with bringing firms from a variety of fields to recruit at UCLA job fairs. In addition, Kamal also has been involved with the Student Alumni Association to summon alumni to mentor current students and sit on panels about their careers. Finally, Kamal has worked in the legal, hospitality, real estate, and finance industries. Currently, Kamal is a law clerk at Richardson & Patel, LLP, located in Westwood.

Future Plans: In the future, Kamal hopes to either work in the finance industry for a few years and then attend law and business school or attend law school immediately after finishing his undergraduate degrees. In the long run, he hopes to work as a corporate lawyer working on mergers and acquisitions and contract law.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: Kamal Patel was ordered the Navigant Consulting Scholarship, which has allowed him to further his economic studies. The scholarship has allowed Kamal to meet individuals in the consulting industry, which he hopes will foster connections in the legal consulting industry.