Students admitted into the Value Investing Concentration will be expected to participate in the following key components:

Value Investing Concentration Core Courses:

  • ECON 168: Value Investing (Fall)
  • ECON 167: History of Financial Crises (Fall)
  • ECON 169: Applied Value Investing (Winter)
  • ECON 187: Special Projects in Investing (Spring)

Value Investing Concentration Electives – Taking Two, as an undergraduate, from:

  • ECON 106V: Investments
  • ECON 106F: Finance
  • ECON 106P: Pricing and Strategies
  • MGMT 180: Special Topics in Management: Real Estate Finance and Investment
  • MGMT 126: Financial Statement Analysis
  • ECON 165: History of Capitalism in the American Economy
  • ECON 181: Development of Economic Institutions in Western Europe



Financial Modeling Academies

Program participants will also be required to attend intensive Financial Modeling Academies covering critical valuation techniques used in the investments industry. Each academy below lasts approximately 8 hours and is taught by “Investors in Residence” through real world examples/case studies:

  • Modeling 1: Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Modeling 2: Merger Consequences Analysis
  • Modeling 3: Leveraged Buyout Analysis
  • Modeling 4: Special Situations

Value Investing Concentration Pre-Requisites: 

In addition to the full set of lower division requirements for the Economics or Business Economics Major, Value Investing Concentration applicants must satisfy or intend to concurrently enroll in the following courses before commencing the concentration:

  • ECON 101: Microeconomic Theory
  • MGMT 1A: Principles of Accounting I
  • MGMT 1B: Principles of Accounting II