Ramin Lalezari

2011 Robert D. & Margaret A. Wark Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Ramin Lalezari is a fourth year Business Economics major at UCLA. Ramin grew up in West Los Angeles and graduated from Palisades Charter High School. While attending UCLA, Ramin has served on the school USAC committees for the Internal Vice President’s office and the General Representative 3’s office. He is currently managing a campus organization that he co-founded called the Green Workshop, with the mission to increase awareness about sustainability for the younger generation.

Future Plans: This year, Ramin will complete his B.A. in Business Economics at UCLA. After graduation, Ramin hopes to pursue an MD/MBA joint degree program to unify his interests in both business and medicine. This will contribute towards his long term goal of entering the sector of health management. During the transition from undergraduate to graduate school, he will be pursuing an internship that will expose him to this field.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I owe my sincerest gratitude to both the Wark family and the UCLA Economics Department for selecting me to receive this honor. The scholarship will be of great help to me in these tough economic times in the wake of rising tuition costs. The easing of the financial burden of school will help me devote my time and energy towards my academic goals. The Wark family’s decision to invest in education has surely inspired me to aspire to one day do the same. Their incredible generosity will truly assist in the realization of my dreams, and it means the world to have their support.