Paul Evan Wong

2006 The Howard J. and Mitzi W. Green Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Paul Evan Wong was born in August 1986 and spent his formative years growing up in Alameda, California. Paul graduated cum laude from the Head-Royce School in Oakland and moved to Los Angeles in 2004 upon his acceptance to UCLA. Now in his third year at UCLA, Paul is pursuing a major in Business Economics and a Minor in Accounting. In addition to his primary major, Paul is also seeking a second major in History as a means of broadening his education. Considering universal academic pursuit a life-long interest and goal, Paul enjoys many other academic disciplines including Political Science, Psychology, and Astronomy, among others. While not engaged in coursework, Paul participates as a member of the UCLA Ski and Snowboard Team and works part-time in a law office. Also an avid soccer play and golfer, Paul enjoys all avenues of athletic gamesmanship. When not busy with any of the aforementioned, he enjoys cooking, reading, and napping in the sun.

Future Plans: Paul is attending the Chinese University in Hong Kong through the UC Education Abroad Program this quarter. While in Hong Kong, he hopes to gain an international perspective on business and economics. Upon returning to UCLA, he plans to continue his major coursework and to pursue a second major in History. Paul looks forward to finding an internship at a public accounting or investment banking firm in Los Angeles next summer. Following graduation in spring 2008, Paul hopes to work as a public auditor for a few years before attending business school. He then aspires to work as a financial consultant within the high-tech industry and ultimately hopes to someday run his own computer company, which provides affordable products to low-to-middle income households in a progressive eco-friendly manner.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: The Howard J. and Mitzi W. Green Scholarship means very much to me and it shall provide me with numerous opportunities that are invaluable to my growth, both as an academician and as a person. Without such a scholarship, I would be hard pressed to participate in the University of California’s Education Abroad Program. The aid that the Green’s scholarship provides has allowed me to go to Hong Kong to study. While there, I am primed to gain indispensable, first-hand knowledge of the economics and business in the region as well as an intimate understanding of my own cultural heritage. Returning to UCLA in the winter for the remainder of the academic year, the scholarship will further aid me in my endeavors. Both planning to begin Honors research and participate as a student-athlete, I am spread thin in my effort to also support myself financially. This scholarship will allow me to concentrate on my studies. The generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Green has made these upcoming, invaluable experiences possible. To the Greens and the Department of Economics at UCLA, I am grateful.