Chunlee Leung

2006 The Donald Edward Bragg & Diane Sims Bragg Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Chunlee Leung is a proactive and steadfast young woman who longs to become an extraordinary businesswoman. She was born in Guangzhou, China, the daughter of a businessman, grew up in a working-class neighborhood, and now is majoring in Business Economics and minoring in Accounting at UCLA. In order to develop her life outside the financial and psychological shelter that her parents had built for her, Chunlee became determined to study abroad when she was sixteen. Chunlee’s positive attitude and perseverance enable her to fit into any culture. She immediately reached out to her peers after she transferred to UCLA, served in student government, and became involved in several volunteer programs in order to give back to the community. Her enthusiasm for the financial field and her interest in working as a financial advisor has been greatly enhanced as a result of her coursework. Through assisting Professor Sokoloff in the Department of Economics with his research papers, as well as interning at five different corporations, Chunlee has strengthened her analytical skills and built up a solid practical foundation.

Future Plans: Chunlee not only enjoys coming up with business strategies with a group of colleagues, but is also excited to serve clients. Chunlee plans to work as a financial advisor after graduation. Her goal is to focus on strategic aspirations to establish trust relationships with her clients and to serve their financial needs. She ultimately wants to run her own consulting firm.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am so glad to be the winner of the Donald Edward Bragg and Diane Sims Bragg Scholarship for the 2006-2007 academic year. The Bragg Scholarship not only satisfies my financial needs, and allows me to concentrate on my academic training and engage in extracurricular activities, but also greatly motivates me to pursue my dream of having my own consulting firm. I strongly believe that success belongs to people who believe in their dreams and work patiently to achieve them. I welcome any challenge that may still lie ahead and embrace them as opportunities to grow and to excel in life.