Tara Syed

2005 Business Economics Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Tara Syed is a 4th year Business Economics major and will be graduating in June of 2006. She is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to return there upon graduation. She is very interested in community service, and is an active member of the Bruin Belles Service Association at UCLA, where she is serving as Public Relations Director. Her other volunteer work includes fundraising and participating as staff for the California YMCA Youth & Government program. Tara enjoys politics, watching sports, spending time with her friends and family, and much more. She is also a very avid jazz fan.

Future Plans: After graduation from UCLA, Tara hopes to be able to obtain valuable work experience in either the Consulting or Accounting industry. She feels that her skills would be best employed in these fields and is currently in pursuit of a position. Eventually she would like to obtain a graduate degree and become an executive.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am extremely honored to be the recipient of such a wonderful scholarship. The grant that I have been given will surely help me reach my educational as well as my career goals, and I know that it will motivate me to do great things. It has already inspired me to work as hard as I can in my last year at UCLA and to put forth as much effort as possible into making a difference on campus and in the world in general. I am grateful to be given this opportunity and cannot express how much it means to me.