Below are the Commencement FAQs for June of 2020 (PENDING)


The UCLA Department of Economics Virtual Graduation Celebration will go live on Saturday, June 13, and will be available for later viewing as well. We will update you later on as to when the link to the celebration webpage will be available.

Each student will be recognized with a slide showing his or her name, photo (although not required), and a quote. If you have not already submitted your slide information to the College (as the same slides will be used for the College’s celebration), click here for more information.

Please be aware that the names of students with privacy restriction will not appear in UCLA commencement publications. You can check to see if you have a privacy restriction by going on MyUCLA.

If you have additional questions about the Virtual College Commencement 2020, you should contact the College via the Message Center by clicking here.

We look forward to celebrating your accomplishments!