Martin Hackmann and Michela Giorcelli—Named 2019-2020 Hellman Fellows

Congratulations to Assistant Professors Martin Hackmann and Michela Giorcelli who were both named Hellman Fellows for the 2019-2020 Academic year! The UCLA Hellman Fellows Program supports “research and creative activities that promote career advancement and enhance the individual’s progress towards tenure.” Read below to learn more about their research proposals.


“The Effects of the Managerial Practices on Firm Innovation”

Michela Giorcelli


While a growing literature has documented a positive effects of managerial practices on firm performance, less is known about their impact on firm innovation. The aim of this research is to study the effects of cross-firm transfer of managerial practices on firms’ propensity to innovate.  Using evidence from a unique historical episode, the United States Technical Assistance and Productivity Program in Italy, we will study whether business training programs changed managers’ attitude towards innovation, measured by the number of patents and investment in R&D in receiving firms.



“Patient and Provider Incentives in Long Term Care”

Martin Hackmann

Long-term care (LTC) expenditures are high and rising. Since more than 50% of LTC expenditures are covered by Medicaid, developing and expanding cost-effective home and community alternatives to expensive nursing home care is of high policy priority for many state Medicaid programs. This research seeks to understand how financial patient and provider incentives affect the mode and cost of LTC as well as their health consequences. Building on this evidence, this research project intends to evaluate different policy proposals that aim to expand home based care models using patient and provider incentives.