Isaac Rose

2009 The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics Recipient

Biography: Isaac Rose is a third-year Economics major and Public Policy minor. He developed a passion for the study of economics as a middle school student by reading the business section of the New York Times every day and observing what was happening in both businesses and the economy as a whole. Being a student at UCLA has enlivened his passion for the subject, granting him further theoretical and quantitative insight into this complex field. In addition to his studies in the classroom, Isaac has pursued outside interests. He combined his interest and knowledge of both economics and public policy by interning in summer 2009 with the United States House of Representatives Financial Services Committee. He is also the vice chairman of the Wooden Center Board of Governors, a member of the United States Association Finance Committee, a volunteer with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, and works with MasterCard to put on financial literacy seminars.

Future Plans: Isaac’s future plans are to work for the public good in whatever fashion that may take. His current fields of interest range from private equity to consulting to venture capital to governmental financial policy work. While his knowledge and passions are diverse, Isaac is confident that he would like to further pursue his academic interests after UCLA by earning a Master of Business Administration. One of the most important lessons that he has learned in his life is that future plans should always be open to change and that one must be willing to make alterations as new and exciting experiences are presented. Isaac looks forward to what the future has in store and is ready for the new opportunities and experiences that lay ahead.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am grateful and honored to be the recipient of the Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics. Boeing’s dedication to academics and its support of college students is commendable and I am thankful for the financial support that it is giving me to help my studies at UCLA. Much like many other families around the country, especially in these rough economic times, paying for college is a burden on my family, and any financial support a university or scholarship can provide is appreciated. I am a firm believer that access to higher education should not be a privilege, but a right, and through scholarship programs like The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics, more students are granted the opportunity to reach their full potential. In addition to easing the financial burden of going to college, this scholarship is driving me to reach further for greatness and instilling in me a hope that universities and private companies alike can work together to help more students receive a college education.

Stanley Zel

2010 The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics Recipient

Biography: Stanley Zel is an international student from Hong Kong. He decided to study abroad after graduating from high school. Stanley developed interest in economics while studying at Diablo Valley College. He then transferred to UCLA to pursue the Business-Economics major, with a minor in Statistics. Stanley is currently working as a grader for several Management courses at the Anderson School of Management. He is also a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. He enjoys playing soccer and traveling in his spare time.

Future Plans: Stanley is planning to pursue a career in the field of finance after graduation. He plans to take the CFA exams in the
near future to better equip him for his career. Stanley aspires to become a financial analyst.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I would like to thank the Boeing Company and the support from my family. The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics not only helps me and my family financially but also is recognition of my hard work at UCLA. I will make best use of the scholarship to broaden my horizons, and also spend more time exploring the United States during my last year at UCLA.

Amar Vanmali

2011 The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics Recipient

Biography: Amar Vanmali is a third-year Business Economics major and Statistics minor from Los Angeles. In addition to managing a family business on weekends, he has internship experience in the investment banking, financial services, and business management industries. Aside from his academics and work life, Amar is an avid golfer who has competed in junior golf tournaments in Atlanta, San Antonio, Thailand, Scotland and England. He has also traveled throughout parts of Europe and Asia. In his free time, Amar likes to workout, read non-fiction books, follow the stock market, and spend time with family and friends.

Future Plans: Amar plans to pursue a career in finance upon graduation. He aims to take the CFA exam soon after graduation to prepare him for his profession. After a few years of work in the field, Amar intends to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree to broaden his horizons and enhance his knowledge base. In addition to his career, Amar wishes to set up a foundation whose mission is to educate children who aspire for higher education in the third world.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: First, I would like to personally thank The Boeing Company as I am honored to be a recipient of their scholarship. As an aspirant of higher education, it means a great deal in my life knowing that I have support as I go through my undergraduate studies here at UCLA. I am grateful for their generosity, as it will open various doors of opportunities. It increases my motivation not only in my academics, but also in every aspect of my life.

Zhihao Zhao

2013 The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics Recipient

Biography: Zhihao Zhao is a second year Business Economics and Psychology double-major and Mathematics Minor from Beijing, China. At UCLA, Zhihao has developed a strong passion for entrepreneurship and education. He plans to bring his knowledge of developmental psychology to Chinese parents through a future start-up business. In addition, Zhihao is currently the External Vice President of Building Engineers and Mentors (BEAM) at UCLA and a circle docent for the Los Angeles Math Circle (LAMC) in the Department of Mathematics at UCLA. He is also an undergraduate research assistant at the W.M. Keck Center for Neurophysics, studying the formation of spatial consciousness. Zhihao has previously served at the Beijing Friendship Hospital as an assistant and he was an accounting intern with the Shougang Group in Beijing. He enjoys skating and swimming in his spare time.

Future Plans: Zhihao is currently looking for internship opportunities in consulting industries to gain more experience in business. He plans to obtain a MBA and a doctorate in education within the next ten years. After finishing those degrees, he plans to go back to China, start up his own consulting business, and establish his own schools to provide high-quality education to younger generations. The business will seek to establish schools that better encourage students’ psychological development and help remedy the widespread problem of psychologically inappropriate educational methods in China.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am very grateful and honored to be a recipient of the 2013-14 Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics. I appreciate Boeing’s dedication to supporting higher education. To me, this scholarship represents much more than the wonderful financial benefit it provides to me and my family. I also regard this scholarship as an encouraging validation of my previous work and a mandate to pursue my career goal in entrepreneurship and education. I expect to bring the benefits of this scholarship to bear on schoolchildren and parents in China, which should ultimately make a positive impact beyond China as well.

Brendan Yeh

2013 The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics Recipient

Biography: Brendan Yeh is a second-year student pursuing a major in Business Economics and minors in accounting and film. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, developing himself as an elite academic student as well as a skilled soccer player and violinist. After graduating high school, Brendan chose to attend UCLA due to the educational opportunities, dynamic culture, entertainment industry and beautiful weather. Throughout his time at UCLA, Brendan has proven himself to be a high scholastic achiever in addition to being extremely active in the community. He is heavily involved with the Campus Events Commission, Undergraduate Business Society, the UCLA Department of Medicine, and Greek life as an active brother of Lambda Chi Alpha. In his free time, he enjoys getting together with friends and family, traveling, staying fit, playing soccer and embarking on thrilling experiences.

Future Plans: Brendan has broad future plans. His interests focus on a career in business ranging from consulting to a relevant position in the entertainment industry. He hopes to secure an internship with Deloitte, Disney, or Bayer Corporation this summer. Long term, he plans to pursue a MBA degree. Brendan also holds an interest in aerospace engineering. Broadly, Brendan’s professional goal is to be an altruistic, social, and well-rounded individual who is attuned to all types of people. As he still in the process of discovering his specific interests, his primary goal is to develop himself as a person. Upon graduation, Brendan hopes to spend some time traveling to expand his understanding of the world before continuing his career.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am honored and humbled to be named the recipient of The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics. This award recognizes the hard work and passion I have put forth in my past achievements and encourages me to continue my dedication towards my studies and activities. With this scholarship, I will be more able to focus on my academics and involvement in the UCLA community. Additionally this scholarship will assist me in my path towards financial independence. Genuinely, I would like to thank the donors of The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics for their generosity.

Heather Goryoka

2015 The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics Recipient

Biography: Heather Goryoka is a second year at UCLA majoring in Business Economics and minoring in Accounting. During the school year, Heather works for the Fink Center for Finance and Investments at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. She additionally holds roles on the luminaria committee for Relay for Life at UCLA and the community service committee for Kappa Delta sorority. Last summer, Heather worked for UCLA’s Department of Economics to launch the marketing campaign for the Master of Applied Economics program. Heather is originally from Agoura Hills, California, and enjoys hiking, cooking new recipes, and being surrounded by her friends and family.

Future Plans: Seeking opportunities to apply her studies into a practical setting, Heather is excited to spend her summer participating in Summer Leadership programs with KPMG, Deloitte and EY. She has always enjoyed seeing a practical application of numbers and this concept drew her to the career of accounting. After graduation, Heather plans on taking the CPA exam. She also hopes to secure a public accounting internship to continue growing within the field. Her interests span throughout the entertainment, technology, aerospace and consumer products industry. Heather would like to pursue a MBA degree one day and, hopefully, return to her Bruin roots at Anderson.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am extremely grateful to be awarded The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics. I am humbled to be recognized for my leadership and academic passions. As the youngest of three girls, I am grateful for this scholarship because it will allow me to focus on my passions and continue working toward my professional and academic goals.