Qingling Sniderhan

2005 Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Qingling came from China to the U.S. four years ago. After attending two years of junior college- Cerro-Coso Community College and Antelope Valley College, she transferred to UCLA in the fall 2004. She is currently a fourth year Business Economics major with a minor in Accounting and expecting to graduate in June, 2006.

Future Plans: Being a CPA and pursuing a career in accounting business is one of Qingling’s ideal goals. To fulfill this goal, she plans to pass the CPA exam upon graduation. At the same time, she is planning to start her accounting career at a public accounting firm.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: To prepare for a career in accounting, I am currently taking a minor in accounting and soaking in accounting knowledge like a sponge. However, in the past quarters, while taking a full load of school work, I also had to take part-time jobs to help pay for school, which imposed a negative effect on my study. Now, with the scholarship money, I am able to quit my part time jobs and focus more on study. I also intend to use part of the scholarship money in the CPA exam preparations, such as study materials and the CPA review courses expenses. For me, the scholarship means I can focus more on acquiring accounting knowledge and better prepare myself for a career in the accounting business.

Nicholas F. Manolelis

2006 Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Nicholas F. Manolelis grew up in California, first in the Bay Area and then in Laguna Niguel. Spending a majority of his time with his immediate family at a young age, Nicholas developed a strong understanding of the importance of family and the relationships that they share. Nicholas was blessed with the responsibility of becoming a big brother on two separate occasions and looks at his younger siblings as his best friends and an inspiration to succeed and act as a positive role model. Nicholas developed a passion for sport at an early age, which suited his competitive nature and determination to succeed. He ran cross country, played club soccer, and was a pole vaulter while in high school. He was also involved in numerous extracurricular activities, filling leadership positions in student government, performing in air guitar talent shows, acting as lead council on the mock trial team, and working on community service projects. Nicholas graduated as class valedictorian in 2003 but, more importantly, left high school a familiar and dependable friend loved by many. Nicholas is now entering his final year at UCLA as an Economics major and a Minor in Accounting. He has continued to maintain a high level of involvement on campus as well as at church and in the community. An experienced world traveler, Nicholas awaits the next chapter n his life when he looks to combine the life experiences of college with that of his travels as he attempts to take on the world.

Future Plans: After graduation, Nicholas looks forward to taking time to live abroad in Greece with his family. He will use this opportunity to pursue further European travel and to become fluent in Greek. He will then return to the States to attain his CPA while working in audit for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He then plans to return for an MBA or JD and to focus on entrepreneurship. In the long term, Nicholas hopes to accomplish a level of personal and financial success that allows him to live a comfortable life, surrounded by those he loves. He dreams of one day owning several pieces of real estate, including a hotel and nightclub in Greece, and a vineyard.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: The Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship will help cover my educational and living expenses. I am extremely honored and grateful for this award.

Eve Bostick

2009 Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Eve Bostick comes from Morgan Hill, California, where she lives with her mom, Mindy, and little sister, Zoe. After attending Presentation High School, she chose to further her education by entering UCLA as a Physiological Sciences major. She currently studies Business Economics and Accounting and participates in the UCLA College Honors Program. In her spare time, Eve works for the Entertainment and Media Management Institute of UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, serves as president of the Sports and Entertainment Business Network, and holds the office of Historian within the Kappa Alpha Theta organization. She would like to thank her sister, mom, and dad, Dave, for all of their love and support.

Future Plans: Eve plans to enter the workforce upon graduating in the spring of 2010. She plans to remain with the Anderson School of Management for the summer after graduation, assisting with the EMMI Summer Programs. Ultimately, she hopes to put her economics and accounting knowledge to work by pursuing a career with an accounting firm or opening a private accounting practice of her own. She hopes to move back to the Bay Area to be with her amazing family and friends.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: This scholarship is greatly appreciated because it will allow me to work only part-time during the school year. While I have enjoyed working for several different companies this summer, I am looking forward to cutting my work hours down to only those I spend at the Anderson School. This scholarship also helps to relieve some my parents’ financial responsibility for tuition. Receiving aid from Mr. Baus means a lot to me because the scholarship will allow me to spend less time working and more time at UCLA for my senior year of college.

Chase Turay

2009 Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Chase Turay grew up in Pleasanton, California, a suburb located 40 miles east of San Francisco. He had a full plate of extracurricular activities throughout his pre-college days as a high school football player, leadership student, and student body president. His workload hasn’t changed much since coming to UCLA. He looks forward to working as a director in the Undergraduate Business Society in his senior year, a volunteer tutor in the Watts Tutorial Program, a member of the UCLA Men’s rugby team and active member in his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Future Plans: Chase has accepted an offer from Deloitte & Touche’s Audit Department, after completing a summer internship with the firm, and will begin working full-time with the company in September, 2010. After starting his career with Deloitte and Touche, Chase hopes to one day step away from Corporate America and become a high school teacher so he can make a positive impact on the young minds of this world. He also hopes to fulfill his lifetime goal of being a head high school football coach in Northern California.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: This scholarship has granted me the financial freedom to pursue the avenues of my life that I am passionate about. With this scholarship, I am able to volunteer in the Watts Tutorial Program and play rugby for the UCLA rugby team. The scholarship has allowed me the privilege of working fewer hours per week and, in turn, spending those hours engaged in the activities that I am truly passionate about. I am eternally grateful for that and hope that one day I will be able to give back to a similar cause. I am honored to have been selected the recipient of the Jeffrey W. Baus Scholarship.

Larissa von Lockner

2010 Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Larissa von Lockner is a third-year Business-Economics major at UCLA, with minors in both Accounting and French. On campus, she is very involved with the Bruin Belles Service Association, a philanthropic group of young women focused on serving the greater Los Angeles community. Larissa also participates in Greek life on campus and is a member of the Student Accounting Society. In her free time, Larissa is involved with clubs and intramural sports at UCLA.

Future Plans: Larissa is very interested in the public accounting field. She is eager to obtain an internship with an esteemed accounting firm next summer. She hopes to start her career working as a public accountant, a path that will no doubt allow her to gain an unparalleled understanding of business operations. Eventually, Larissa hopes to do business at the international level. By engaging in the work of diplomacy and focusing on economic issues, she knows that she will be able to truly impact the world for the better. She looks forward to putting her strong cultural background, fluency in French, and love of people to use as she looks to help others realize the importance of cooperation within our global community.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: Being selected as the Jeffrey W. Baus Scholarship for the 2010-2011 academic year is truly an honor. It is through such generous contributions and true altruism that I will be able to focus on my academics and excel in the classroom setting. Due to my ambitions to begin my career with one of the big four accounting firms, it is imperative that I maintain high academic standards and graduate near the top of my class. My involvement in extracurricular activities also remains important. I would love to dedicate my leisure time to the Student Accounting Society’s Board, the Undergraduate Business Society, and various other philanthropic initiatives around campus. It is through the generosity of donors such as Jeffrey Baus that I will be able to improve my academic performance, while working only limited hours during the school year.

April Misa

2012 Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship Recipient \

Biography: April Misa is a fourth-year student pursuing a major in Economics while also taking accounting courses. April was born and raised in Los Angeles, which made UCLA her dream school. Despite being active on campus as the president of Bruin Business Review and a student volunteer for Project Literacy, April is also involved in activities outside of campus. She was a UCLA Travel Study participant, spending a summer abroad to study the Spanish language and culture in Spain and travel Europe with friends. Working alongside the Philippine-American Society of CPAs, April manages the youth involvement of Philippine-American students interested in accounting. April has had previous internship experience in accounting and wealth management. During her spare time, she enjoys traveling, trying new food, and spending time with family and friends.

Future Plans: Upon April’s graduation in spring 2013, she plans to take the UCLA Accounting Summer Institute to complete her remaining units/courses required for the CPA exam. She is planning to start with PwC as an Assurance Associate in Los Angeles and is hoping to receive her CPA license not long after.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am extremely thankful to be the recipient of the Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship for the 2012-2013 school year. This scholarship will allow me to focus solely on academics and extracurricular activities during my final year at UCLA. I will be able to enjoy my last year at UCLA without having to be as concerned with the financial aspect of my education. This scholarship encourages me to work hard and stay committed to my future professional goals. I am honored to receive the Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship and I want to sincerely thank the donor, Mr. Jeffrey Baus, for allowing me this opportunity.

Jonathan Trinh

2014 Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Jonathan is a fourth-year economics major with a minor in accounting and a specialization in computing. On campus, Jonathan has served on staff for the Higher Opportunity Program for Education, an organization committed to providing access to higher education to at-risk high school students, and participated in the pilot group of Assistant Directors for the Student Accounting Society. Currently, Jonathan serves as the Director of Training for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA at UCLA), where he manages a team of five trainers to prepare the organization’s volunteers in tax law and filing. VITA serves low-income individuals and families in the greater West Los Angeles community. In addition to his extra-curricular activities, Jonathan enjoys working part-time as a Program Assistant for the Executive MBA Program at the Anderson School of Management. In his free time not spent sleeping, Jonathan is an avid follower of reality television competitions and hopes to one day outwit, outplay, and outlast his fellow castaways on the CBS hit, Survivor.

Future Plans: Having done an internship with PwC this past summer, Jonathan will be joining the firm after graduation as a Tax Associate in the Los Angeles office. In the summer before he starts, Jonathan hopes to study, sit for, and pass as many sections of the CPA exam as time permits; he also hopes to sneak in a trip abroad somewhere in that time. Long term, Jonathan is thinking about obtaining an MBA but is currently approaching his career with an open mind, trying to learn as much as he can and seeing where his career trajectory may propel him.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I accept the Jeffrey W. Baus ‘59 Scholarship with utmost gratitude and appreciation. It is a privilege to be recognized for one’s achievements, and I am honored to have been bestowed such an award. With fewer financial complications, I will have the opportunity to reduce my work hours and redirect my efforts accordingly– this scholarship will avail me time to devote to my academic, professional, and extra-curricular careers here at UCLA, as I complete my final courses as an undergraduate, prepare myself to take the CPA exam, and further commit my time to my service through VITA. I am grateful to Mr. Baus for his continued generosity and sincerely thank him for the scholarship award.

Weixiang Su

2014 Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Weixiang Su is currently a senior at UCLA with a major in Business Economics, and a minor in Accounting. While maintaining a high standard of academic excellence, his journey at UCLA has been one of active learning and growth. He is eager to take on additional challenges besides required coursework, and has participated in more than 8 professional case competitions throughout college. He is also one of the co-founders of a premier business networking club on campus, Ascend at UCLA. He loves to read, skateboard, travel, and try new restaurants.

Future Plans: After a successful internship at EY this past summer, Weixiang will be starting his career at the firm in the assurance practice after graduation. He plans on continuing his history of excellence and success by obtaining an MBA in the future, and continue to gain knowledge in business and global economy.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am truly honored to have been selected as a recipient for the Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship award. Mr. Baus himself was a partner at a prestigious public accounting firm prior to retirement, and I am beyond excited to start my journey on a similar path. The scholarship will allow me to focus more on my school work, and relieve me of the pressure of having to work part-time while having 26 units of classes in a single quarter. I hope to achieve success like Mr. Baus in the future, and give back to UCLA like he does.

Heather Lee

2015 Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Heather Lee is a third-year Economics major with a Minor in Accounting. She is involved in various student organizations and holds several leadership positions including president of Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL). In addition to academics and extracurricular activities, Heather has participated in several professional undergraduate case competitions, for one of which she and her team was a finalist. In her spare time, Heather enjoys volunteering, watching football games, and spending time with her friends and family.

Future Plans: This upcoming summer, Heather will be an intern at PwC in the assurance practice. Upon graduation, she hopes to continue her career at PwC as an associate while working to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). In the long term, Heather hopes to continue her educational journey by pursuing a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and gain a better understanding of the business realm and global economy.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am extremely thankful and honored to have been selected as the recipient of the Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship. Mr. Baus was a partner at the prestigious accounting firm PwC and I am excited to begin my professional journey on a similar path. This scholarship will allow me to focus more on my academics and extracurricular activities while relieving some of the financial burden of higher education. I am eternally grateful to Mr. Baus for his generosity and support and I hope that one day I will be able to give back to the community just as Mr. Baus has given to his.

Freddy Alberto Jimenez

2016 Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Freddy Jimenez is a third year business economics major with a minor in accounting. He finds motivation through his parents who have sacrificed everything they could so that he could receive a quality education. Seeing education as the key to breaking the poverty cycle, Freddy holds himself a high standard of academic excellence. Beyond academics, he is heavily involved with several non-profits on campus, believing in the notion of paying it forward. In his spare time, Freddy enjoys working out and going to sporting events.

Future Plans: Coming off a START internship this past summer, Freddy will be interning at PwC again, working with financial service firms under the assurance practice. Upon graduation, Freddy hopes to become a core assurance associate at PwC while obtaining his CPA certification. Freddy eventually plans on obtaining an MBA degree and eventually becoming a CFO.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am extremely honored and humbled to be selected as the Jeffrey W. Baus ‘59 Scholarship recipient. Money is extremely tight at the moment, especially with my parents working their way towards citizenship, and this scholarship came in at the perfect time. Not only does this scholarship reduce my financial stress, but also decreases my work hours and improves other quality of life aspects that equate to an overall better academic experience. The plight of the under represented and financial limited scholar often goes unnoticed, but I am grateful that through Mr. Baus’ generosity and understanding my goals are now more achievable.