Chase Turay

2009 Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Chase Turay grew up in Pleasanton, California, a suburb located 40 miles east of San Francisco. He had a full plate of extracurricular activities throughout his pre-college days as a high school football player, leadership student, and student body president. His workload hasn’t changed much since coming to UCLA. He looks forward to working as a director in the Undergraduate Business Society in his senior year, a volunteer tutor in the Watts Tutorial Program, a member of the UCLA Men’s rugby team and active member in his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Future Plans: Chase has accepted an offer from Deloitte & Touche’s Audit Department, after completing a summer internship with the firm, and will begin working full-time with the company in September, 2010. After starting his career with Deloitte and Touche, Chase hopes to one day step away from Corporate America and become a high school teacher so he can make a positive impact on the young minds of this world. He also hopes to fulfill his lifetime goal of being a head high school football coach in Northern California.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: This scholarship has granted me the financial freedom to pursue the avenues of my life that I am passionate about. With this scholarship, I am able to volunteer in the Watts Tutorial Program and play rugby for the UCLA rugby team. The scholarship has allowed me the privilege of working fewer hours per week and, in turn, spending those hours engaged in the activities that I am truly passionate about. I am eternally grateful for that and hope that one day I will be able to give back to a similar cause. I am honored to have been selected the recipient of the Jeffrey W. Baus Scholarship.