Isaac Rose

2009 The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics Recipient

Biography: Isaac Rose is a third-year Economics major and Public Policy minor. He developed a passion for the study of economics as a middle school student by reading the business section of the New York Times every day and observing what was happening in both businesses and the economy as a whole. Being a student at UCLA has enlivened his passion for the subject, granting him further theoretical and quantitative insight into this complex field. In addition to his studies in the classroom, Isaac has pursued outside interests. He combined his interest and knowledge of both economics and public policy by interning in summer 2009 with the United States House of Representatives Financial Services Committee. He is also the vice chairman of the Wooden Center Board of Governors, a member of the United States Association Finance Committee, a volunteer with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, and works with MasterCard to put on financial literacy seminars.

Future Plans: Isaac’s future plans are to work for the public good in whatever fashion that may take. His current fields of interest range from private equity to consulting to venture capital to governmental financial policy work. While his knowledge and passions are diverse, Isaac is confident that he would like to further pursue his academic interests after UCLA by earning a Master of Business Administration. One of the most important lessons that he has learned in his life is that future plans should always be open to change and that one must be willing to make alterations as new and exciting experiences are presented. Isaac looks forward to what the future has in store and is ready for the new opportunities and experiences that lay ahead.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am grateful and honored to be the recipient of the Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics. Boeing’s dedication to academics and its support of college students is commendable and I am thankful for the financial support that it is giving me to help my studies at UCLA. Much like many other families around the country, especially in these rough economic times, paying for college is a burden on my family, and any financial support a university or scholarship can provide is appreciated. I am a firm believer that access to higher education should not be a privilege, but a right, and through scholarship programs like The Boeing Company Scholarship in Economics, more students are granted the opportunity to reach their full potential. In addition to easing the financial burden of going to college, this scholarship is driving me to reach further for greatness and instilling in me a hope that universities and private companies alike can work together to help more students receive a college education.

Nick Rasines

2009 John J. Peterson Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Nick Rasines is a third-year Business-Economics Student from the small town of McKinleyville in Northern California. Nick was a decorated athlete in baseball and basketball at McKinleyville High School; however, after his attempt to walk on to the UCLA baseball team was ultimately unsuccessful, he began to focus more on academics and his eventual career aspirations. He has held internship positions at SBE Entertainment, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and completed a summer internship with Ernst & Young LLP. He is also Vice President of the Undergraduate Business Society at UCLA and a member of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity.

Future Plans: Nick is planning to complete his B.A. in Business-Economics over the next two years and is looking forward to recruiting this upcoming Winter Quarter for investment banking internship opportunities. Upon graduation, he is hoping to become a part of a bulge bracket investment bank and work as an analyst. After his time in investment banking, Nick is looking to work at a private equity firm and then go back to school to get his MBA. Nick is watching the actions of many of his mentors, including investment bankers and private equity executives, in order to better plan his career path to accomplish his career goals. He is eventually looking to become a CEO or founder and president of a firm.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I feel honored to receive the John J. Peterson Scholarship for the 2009-2010 academic year. This scholarship will help lighten the financial burden of tuition, rent, books, and other educational expenses levied upon myself and my family. More importantly, this scholarship is important to me in that it recognizes my dedication to my academic pursuits. I am extremely grateful for this scholarship award as recognition for my continued commitment to my education and my extracurricular activities here at UCLA. I want to sincerely thank John J. Peterson for his support of my future educational endeavors.

Mike Jed

2009 Robert D. & Margaret A. Wark Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Mike Jed is a fourth year Business Economics major and Accounting minor. He is from Santa Cruz, California, where he was captain of his soccer and lacrosse team. Mike is involved in a number of extracurricular activities on the UCLA campus, including Student Accounting Society, Bruin Consulting, and his fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi.

Future Plans: After graduating in 2010, Mike will take the summer before beginning his career to explore as much of the world as he can. He hopes to make it to a few continents he has never been such as Africa, Asia, and Australia. After working for a few years, Mike plans to return to school to get his MBA.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am honored and appreciative to be selected as the recipient of the Robert D. & Margaret A. Wark Memorial Scholarship. I would like to thank the donors of the Wark Scholarship and the Economics Department for making this scholarship available. This scholarship is especially helpful due to the budget cuts and the drastic increase in tuition for this year. This will ease my financial burden and allow me to focus more time on extracurricular activities and recruiting.

Matthew Frost

2009 Robert D. & Margaret A. Wark Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Matthew Frost is entering his fourth year as a Business Economics major with both Spanish and Accounting minors. He is from Stockton, California, where he attended Bear Creek High School. Matthew has two sisters: one who is 25 and attended Long Beach State and also a twin sister who currently attends Fresno State. While at UCLA, Matthew has been a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, serving as Pledge Educator in Fall Quarter 2007 and VP of Finance in 2008. He has also served as a tutor to underprivileged youth as a member of the Watts Tutorial Program, and is entering his third season with the UCLA Baseball program as a student equipment manager. Matthew has also had the chance to travel abroad while at UCLA. He went to Barcelona and Madrid as part of the International Business Travel Study Program in August 2008. After his month in Spain, Matthew traveled to Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, London, and Dublin before returning to begin the Fall Quarter. Matthew spent the past summer as an assurance intern at Ernst & Young and also worked at the UCLA Baseball summer camps.

Future Plans: Matthew’s goal is to land a teaching position with Teach for America. He hopes to teach math for two years in a low-income school district in the Bay Area. Matthew also plans to apply for finance, marketing, and/or accounting positions at large public companies in the Bay Area. He would ultimately like to use his economics degree in a variety of ways over his lifetime, both as an employee helping companies reach their goals and as a teacher helping children reach their dreams.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: The Robert D. & Margaret A. Wark Memorial Scholarship gives me and my family the opportunity to be under less financial stress during my last year at UCLA. I have worked continuously throughout my college career, not only to excel in the classroom, but also to provide financial aid to my family to pay for my education. I feel extremely honored to be recognized by the Wark Family, whose contributions to students and belief in the power of education are admirable and inspiring. The Wark Family’s generosity provides me with the chance to focus more on learning and career opportunities while thinking less about financing my education as I enter my final year as an undergraduate.

Rapir Dedhia

2009 Professor Harry Simons Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship for the Study of Accounting Recipient

Biography: Rapir Dedhia is a third year student, majoring in Business Economics while pursuing a minor in Accounting. Rapir grew up in Walnut, California, with the support of his loving parents. He graduated from Walnut High School as Valedictorian of his class. Rapir is active in many student organizations at UCLA. He is a member of the Raas Garba Dance Team at UCLA and competes nationally against other universities. Rapir is the current Director of Speakers Program for the Student Accounting Society. He served his local community as a trained Volunteer Income Tax Assistant (VITA) this past year, and plans to continue to do so every year. Rapir enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Future Plans: Rapir hopes to intern with a public accounting firm next summer. After graduation, Rapir plans to start working full-time with a public accounting firm and earn his CPA license. He also hopes to earn his Masters in Business Administration in the near future.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am honored to be awarded the Professor Harry Simons Scholarship for the Study of Accounting for the 2009-2010 academic year. This scholarship will allow me to continue devoting my time to my academics and the organizations that I am a part of. It will ease the financial burden of being a full-time student on me, as well as my parents. I am truly grateful to the donors and the UCLA Department of Economics to be the recipient of such a generous scholarship.

Raj Dalal

2009 The Donald Edward Bragg & Diane Sims Bragg Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Raj Dalal is a fourth-year Business Economics major and Accounting minor student pursuing College Honors. He was born in Southern California and graduated from El Toro High School, where he was very active in track and field and was Associated Student Body President. During his UCLA Career, Raj has pursued various leadership and professional opportunities. He is involved in the Undergraduate Business Society, serving as manager for the Financial Services Committee. In addition to this, he serves as the Director of Finance for Bruin Finance. Raj completed an internship at Yahoo! in the Corporate Finance Business Development Group this past summer. During the school year, he works as a private tutor for high school students in Beverly Hills. In his spare time, he enjoys surfing, snorkeling and hiking.

Future Plans: Raj plans to graduate in 2010 and intends to pursue a career in investment banking or consulting. Raj plans to attain his Master of Business Administration in the future.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: It is a great honor to be the recipient of the Donald and Diane Bragg Scholarship. I greatly appreciate the financial assistance and moral support the Bragg Family has provided me. I will be using this scholarship to cover my educational expenses for this upcoming year. With less pressure to finance my education by working, I am better able to focus on my studies and prepare for my career goals in the near future. This scholarship will help put me on the path to financial independence but also provides me with renewed determination to further expand my academic and professional endeavors.

Karen Chan

2009 The Donald Edward Bragg & Diane Sims Bragg Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Karen Chan is a third-year Business Economics major and Accounting minor, working towards graduating within three years. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Karen developed her interest in business and economics as she grew up in this international financial center. Karen holds an overall GPA of 3.98 at UCLA and participates as a member in the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society. She also worked at the UCLA School of Public Affairs. To gain a wider exposure to the financial field, Karen completed a summer internship working as a Private Wealth Management Intern at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and is now interning with the Global Wealth Management Team of Merrill Lynch. In her spare time, Karen enjoys playing the piano, singing and traveling.

Future Plans: After graduating this upcoming spring, Karen plans to pursue a career in the field of investment banking or wealth management before returning to school to earn an MBA. Karen also plans to sit for the CFA exam and work towards engaging in socially responsible business practices.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am deeply honored to be named the recipient of the Donald Edward Bragg & Diane Sims Bragg Scholarship this year. With this kind financial support offered by the Bragg Family, I can better focus on my studies and work towards achieving my career goals. This will greatly ease my parents’ financial burden and my pressure to work to finance my living expenses. This recognition of my past achievements encourages me to better equip myself with skills necessary for paving my career path in the future. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the Bragg Family for their generous support.

Eve Bostick

2009 Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Eve Bostick comes from Morgan Hill, California, where she lives with her mom, Mindy, and little sister, Zoe. After attending Presentation High School, she chose to further her education by entering UCLA as a Physiological Sciences major. She currently studies Business Economics and Accounting and participates in the UCLA College Honors Program. In her spare time, Eve works for the Entertainment and Media Management Institute of UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, serves as president of the Sports and Entertainment Business Network, and holds the office of Historian within the Kappa Alpha Theta organization. She would like to thank her sister, mom, and dad, Dave, for all of their love and support.

Future Plans: Eve plans to enter the workforce upon graduating in the spring of 2010. She plans to remain with the Anderson School of Management for the summer after graduation, assisting with the EMMI Summer Programs. Ultimately, she hopes to put her economics and accounting knowledge to work by pursuing a career with an accounting firm or opening a private accounting practice of her own. She hopes to move back to the Bay Area to be with her amazing family and friends.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: This scholarship is greatly appreciated because it will allow me to work only part-time during the school year. While I have enjoyed working for several different companies this summer, I am looking forward to cutting my work hours down to only those I spend at the Anderson School. This scholarship also helps to relieve some my parents’ financial responsibility for tuition. Receiving aid from Mr. Baus means a lot to me because the scholarship will allow me to spend less time working and more time at UCLA for my senior year of college.

Tek Ngai Wong

2009 The Ralph and Shirley Shapiro Scholarship Recipient

Biography: As an international student originally from Macau, Tek Ngai Wong was raised there until the age of seventeen. He decided to come to the States because of its accredited education. After spending two years at De Anza College, he successfully transferred to UCLA with a major in Business Economics and Minor in Accounting. He has maintained a 3.9+ GPA and serves as a financial director of the Hong Kong Student Society at UCLA. Tek enjoys dealing with people and sharpening his soft skills. During his free time, he also enjoys working out at the gym, playing basketball, soccer and spending time with his friends.

Future Plans: After some years in the United States, Tek plans to obtain his master’s degree in financial mathematics or accounting in the United Kingdom. Tek would also like to get his CPA and CFA a few years later since it will equip him with sufficient knowledge to develop his career in casinos and to be a financial analyst or controller in Macau.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am very proud and grateful to be the recipient of the Ralph and Shirley Shapiro Scholarship for the 2009- 2010 academic year. I really thank them for this prestigious award. Besides easing my financial burdens, it gives me the great resource to broaden my cultural horizons in my last year of college. I also want to take this chance to thank Mr. & Mrs. Shapiro and the Economics Department for providing this opportunity. I will make the best use of it.

Chase Turay

2009 Jeffrey W. Baus ’59 Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Chase Turay grew up in Pleasanton, California, a suburb located 40 miles east of San Francisco. He had a full plate of extracurricular activities throughout his pre-college days as a high school football player, leadership student, and student body president. His workload hasn’t changed much since coming to UCLA. He looks forward to working as a director in the Undergraduate Business Society in his senior year, a volunteer tutor in the Watts Tutorial Program, a member of the UCLA Men’s rugby team and active member in his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Future Plans: Chase has accepted an offer from Deloitte & Touche’s Audit Department, after completing a summer internship with the firm, and will begin working full-time with the company in September, 2010. After starting his career with Deloitte and Touche, Chase hopes to one day step away from Corporate America and become a high school teacher so he can make a positive impact on the young minds of this world. He also hopes to fulfill his lifetime goal of being a head high school football coach in Northern California.

What does the scholarship mean to me?: This scholarship has granted me the financial freedom to pursue the avenues of my life that I am passionate about. With this scholarship, I am able to volunteer in the Watts Tutorial Program and play rugby for the UCLA rugby team. The scholarship has allowed me the privilege of working fewer hours per week and, in turn, spending those hours engaged in the activities that I am truly passionate about. I am eternally grateful for that and hope that one day I will be able to give back to a similar cause. I am honored to have been selected the recipient of the Jeffrey W. Baus Scholarship.