Phibi Duong

The Lawrence and Joan E. Anderson Fund Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Phibi Duong is a senior at UCLA studying Business Economics and Accounting. She especially enjoys learning about econometrics and applying the economic principles to real world problems through coding. She also works as a teaching assistant to her former accounting professors at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. She finds helping students learn rewarding. Phibi has served as a volunteer with VITA to give tax services to low-income and elderly members in her community. In her free time, she relaxes by playing with her dog, skateboarding, and reading.

Future Plans: After graduating UCLA, Phibi will begin working as a tax accountant with the public accounting firm HCVT. She plans to earn a CPA license, and then pursue a Master’s in Business Taxation degree. She hopes to continue improving her business skills and gaining accounting knowledge to provide the best service to others.

What does the scholarship mean to me? The Lawrence and Joan E. Anderson Fund Scholarship is helping support my academic goals at UCLA. I am given the chance to focus more on my studies. I am honored and grateful to be given this scholarship. With this financial support, I can better devote myself to pursuing my interests in economics and accounting both inside and outside the classroom. I feel lucky and blessed to have this opportunity through the kindness and generosity of the donor.