Faculty Research Featured in UCLA Anderson Review

The UCLA Anderson Review recently published the article, “Google Says to Hire the Best, but Suppose You Can’t?” written by Dee Gill. This article highlights the research currently being done by Simon Board, Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehn, and Tomasz Sadzik on how top companies tend to “hog the best talent” and how this affects other firms. Below is an excerpt of that article.

Google Says to Hire the Best, but Suppose You Can’t?

By Dee Gill

Top companies hog the best talent, adding to their competitive advantage

It’s not often that a human resources guy gains corporate guru status, but former Googler (his term) Lazslo Bock is a notable exception. His 2015 book, Work Rules! Insights from Inside Google that Will Transform How You Live and Lead, has taken on biblical status among executives who hope to hire and manage just like the wildly successful search giant.

Bock’s core advice: Hire great talent, not people you have to train to be great. “The presence of a huge training budget is not evidence that you’re investing in your people,” he writes. “It’s evidence that you failed to hire the right people to begin with.”

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