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Hugo Hopenhayn in the Marginal Revolution

Professor Hopenhayn’s paper “From Population Growth to firm Demographics” was featured in Marginal Revolution today. Alex Tabarrok described it as “The best paper I have read in a long time”. He goes on to write: “The authors do a great job at combining empirics and theory to explain an important fact about the world in […]

Ben Klein on Harold Demsetz

Harold Demsetz, UCLA Professor of Economics since 1971, died on January 4, 2019 at the age of 88.  A grandchild of immigrants from eastern Europe, Harold grew up in a poor neighborhood on the west side of Chicago, where he met his surviving and loving wife Rita.  He originally attended forestry school at the University […]

In Memory of Harold Demsetz

Harold Demsetz was a Professor of Economics at UCLA from 1971 until his retirement (if he ever really retired). He was the Arthur Andersen Chair in Business Economics and chaired the UCLA Department of Economics from 1978-1980. He was also elected fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. But the most important thing about […]

John Riley On Harold Demsetz

Professor Harold Demsetz will be greatly missed by all who were either his friends, his students, his colleagues, or, in my case, all three! Harold grew up on the West Side of Chicago. He received his B.A. (1953) and MBA (1954) from the University of Illinois.  In 1958 he was awarded a Ph.D. in Economics […]

Sahil Punamia

Like many of UCLA’s students, Sahil hails from northern California growing up in the quaint suburbs of the Bay Area. Growing up in high school, he was actively involved with his marching band, playing the alto saxophone and piano. Interestingly enough, Sahil’s affinity for jazz music and the opportunity to play for the marching band […]

Identifying Beliefs from Choice Data

How can we untangle beliefs from tastes in everyday decision-making? A hiring manager may reject a minority job applicant because he believes the candidate is unqualified or because of a personal bias against working with minorities. An admissions officer may reject a minority student because he believes the student is academically weak or because of […]

The California Policy Lab at UCLA

Earlier this month, Professor Till von Wachter was awarded a $5.5 million renewal grant by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation for continued funding of the California Policy Lab (CPL) at UCLA, of which he serves as Faculty Director. The grant is shared with UC Berkeley (UCB), which houses a sister lab, the California Policy […]

April Franco

Entrepreneurship and academic research are two words that are rarely used in the same context. However, Dr. April Franco’s illustrious career as a research economist seamlessly blends these two worlds together, producing some of the most innovative research in the fields of management science, industrial organization and applied game theory. Furthermore, her journey through the […]

UCLA Economics Graduates gets Earnings Boost

Earnings data from UCLA shows that UCLA Business Economics and Economics graduates earn 45% and 30% more than average UC graduates two years after graduation, and that these differences persist. For example, 10 years after graduation, the median Business Economics student earns $113k, while a quarter of the class earn more than $158k. This speaks […]

Social Enterprise Academy Venture Showcase

The UCLA Department of Economics, along with UCLA Alumni Career Programs and The Academies for Social Entrepreneurship hosted the eighth annual UCLA Social Enterprise Academy Venture Showcase & Symposium. This event featured three teams of students representing local community organizations pitching the business ventures they developed in our social enterprise courses Econ 173A and 173B […]