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Jason Mozingo

Jason Mozingo faced the same decision many prospective UCLA students face: enroll at Berkeley or go to school in Westwood. But for Jason, whose parents had gone to UCLA, the decision to become a Bruin wasn’t just an easy one,

CA Unemployment Insurance Claims during the Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has led to historically unprecedented increases in the level of initial Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims filed in California since the start of the crisis in mid-March.

Till von Wachter and UCLA’s California Policy Lab have partnered with …

Individual vs. Joint Taxation

How do different income taxation systems — for instance individual vs. joint — affect people’s decisions and welfare? Answering this question is important because governments can choose among several systems that differ most prominently for the treatment of individuals in …

Aaron Behle

“Never pass up on a free meal” might sound like cheeky advice for a college student struggling to get by but for Aaron Behle it means something entirely different.

In fall of his Junior year in the UCLA Economics program, …

Cartels and Productivity

Cartels are a common feature in most economies. For instance, in the 2015-19 period, the European Commission imposed fines in excess of €8.3 billion in 27 cartel cases. It is well understood that cartels reduce social welfare by increasing prices …

Claudia Toussaint

Some of the most powerful influences in our lives emanate from things we cannot see – legal frameworks, for example. The impact of the law is pervasive not only in our personal lives, but also in the intricacies of our …

David DeWolf

We often hear the classic phrase, “Bruin born, Bruin bred, Bruin til the day I’m dead.” Even our first experience at orientation–that almost baptismal dip into the inverted fountain–is meant to reinforce such adages. Tens of thousands can say they