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Ryan Snyder

Ryan Snyder graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, and later returned to earn a master’s degree in Urban Planning. As an undergraduate, Snyder was interested in a wide variety of subjects, from Geography to Anthropology.  The diversity …

Rethinking Randomized Controlled Trials

Sir Ronald Fisher (1890-1962) is often regarded as the most influential statistician in 20th century. His 1935 book on “The Design of Experiments” sparked a revolution towards the use of the use of random assignments in assessing research inquiries. Fisher’s …

Jason Mozingo

Board of Visitors

Jason Mozingo Bio

Jason Mozingo

Managing Principal

Passkey Investors, LLC

Jason Mozingo is a private equity and credit investment professional with 20+ years of investing experience across multiple industries. He is the Managing Principal for Passkey Investors, LLC, a family-office …

Brad Brutocao

Board of Visitors

Brad Brutocao Head Shot (Original)

Mr. Brad Brutocao

Freeman Spogli & Co.

Brad Brutocao is a Partner with Freeman Spogli & Co., a leading middle market private equity investment firm with approximately $3 billion in assets under management. Based in Los …

The Sharing Economy and Housing Affordability

The sharing economy represents a set of peer-to-peer online marketplaces that facilitate matching between demanders and suppliers of various goods and services.  The suppliers in these markets are often small (mostly individuals), and they often share excess capacity that might …