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Brad Brutocao

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Brad Brutocao Head Shot (Original)

Mr. Brad Brutocao

Freeman Spogli & Co.

Brad Brutocao is a Partner with Freeman Spogli & Co., a leading middle market private equity investment firm with approximately $3 billion in assets under management. Based in Los …

The Sharing Economy and Housing Affordability

The sharing economy represents a set of peer-to-peer online marketplaces that facilitate matching between demanders and suppliers of various goods and services.  The suppliers in these markets are often small (mostly individuals), and they often share excess capacity that might …

Jim Heckman gives MAE Distinguished Lecture

Yesterday, Nobel Prize winner, Professor Heckman, gave a MAE distinguished speaker lecture on “Policies to Promote Social Mobility”.

Professor Heckman is the Henry Schultz Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. He has conducted groundbreaking work with …

Wettbewerb und Wirtschaft interviews Volker Nocke

In its latest issue, the leading German antitrust law journal “Wettbewerb und Wirtschaft” is interviewing UCLA-professor Volker Nocke. The interview centers around the usefulness of the “as-efficient competitor test” for predation and foreclosure, which the European Court of Justice appears …

Adriana Lleras-Muney in Politico

In an essay in Politico, Professor Lleras-Muney discusses the lessons from the Mothers’ Pension Program, an early 20th century welfare program that gave cash to single mothers. Using census records, she finds that children in the program lived one to …