Comprehensive COVID-19 Screening and the Economy

UCLA’s Professor Atkeson, along side Harvard’s Michael C. Droste, Michael Mina and James H. Stock, have been researching the effects of comprehensive COVID-19 screening and how it could help improve the current US economy. Their research shows how testing often …


Lee Ohanian on the Importance of Immigration

The United States has attracted some of the most creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial talent from all around the world. Immigration allows us to sustain economic growth in America with a constant inflow of new ideas. We have benefited from immigrants …

Walter Williams, UCLA Ph.D.

From the Wall Street Journal:

America has lost one of its greatest economists and public intellectuals. Walter Williams died Wednesday morning after teaching his final class at George Mason University on Tuesday. He was 84.

For 40 years Walter

Remembering Ed Lazear

Described as “perhaps the foremost labor economist of his generation,” UCLA alumnus, Stanford economics professor, and White House advisor, Edward P. Lazear passed away this week.

Professor Lazear received undergraduate and masters degrees in economics from UCLA in 1971. He …