The UCLA Department of Economics is pleased to inform its students that applications for its scholarships are now available. We appreciate the generous contributions of our donors who made these scholarships possible. Scholarship amounts range from $3,500 to $5,000 each.


The donors have specified particular criteria for many of the awards, however the following information applies to all scholarship applicants:


  1. You must be officially declared as an Economics or a Business Economics major by the application deadline or you must be pre-major status and qualify for the major by the end of this Spring quarter, to be eligible to apply. (*See Important Note below)


  1. You must be a full-time UCLA student (12 units minimum) in each of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters for the upcoming academic year.


  1. U.S. citizens, Permanent Residents, and international students are eligible to apply; however, international students may not apply for scholarships that are based on need. If you are applying for any of the scholarships that are based on need, you should have completed a FAFSA/DREAM application to be considered. Priority deadline for Financial Aid was March 2nd, but the Financial Aid office may consider applications based on availability.


  1. The scholarship funds will be disbursed in equal amounts to each recipient in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters in the upcoming academic year.


  1. The bio of each award recipient will be posted in the Scholarships section of the Department of Economics website.





Step 1: Please review the list of scholarships available through the following link:

Step 2: To apply for a scholarship, please log in on using your UCLA Logon.

Step 3: Using the platform indicated in Step 2, complete the general application that UCLA requires of any student applying for its scholarships. The general application questions are meant to match you to any opportunities that are available not only through the Department of Economics, but also through any department that is also using this platform.

Step 4: Search for the Department of Economics scholarship you are interested in applying for by either looking through all of the available scholarships or typing in “Economics” or part of the scholarship name into the search bar.

Step 5: Complete the application by June 30, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Please wait to submit your application until all of your Spring quarter grades have been posted to your DAR if you are taking pre-major courses to qualify for the major by the end of this quarter. Keep in mind, you must declare the major officially by the application deadline. *


When uploading any files, please be sure that they are titled, using your last name and first initial. Example: Bruin-J


Announcement of Recipients: Mid to Late August 2023


*Important Note if Not Officially Declared as Economics or Business Economics:

If you will not be officially declared as an Economics or Business Economics major by the scholarship application deadline, please include a note on the bottom of your personal statement to explain why and indicate when you anticipate being declared officially.

This is especially relevant for students applying for Business Economics this Summer and students who are pursuing a double major.

Additionally, if you are not officially in the Minor in Accounting or the Minor in Entrepreneurship, but will be by Summer, please indicate this on the bottom of your personal statement.


Award recipients are required to write a thank you note and complete post acceptance information.

Scholarships are for the upcoming academic year. Receiving a scholarship for one year does not guarantee nor preclude a student from being awarded a scholarship the following year.


For questions, please contact the Department of Economics Undergraduate Counseling Office via the Message Center. In the subject line, type “Econ Undergrad Scholarship Questions, 2023-2024 Year.”