Jiayun Zhang

John. J. Peterson Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Jiayun Zhang is a third-year Business Economics major with a double major in Financial Actuarial Mathematics and concentration in value investing. Born and raised in Beijing, China, she came to US to attend UCLA in 2019. In UCLA, she joined 3 Day Startups and Dance sport club at UCLA. In addition, Jiayun Zhang has been interned at various investment banks and Venture firms in various region and has been involved in business workshops to foster her passion for business and economics. In her free time, she enjoys competing in dance sport, hiking around LA, and reunion with friends.

Future Plans: Jiayun’s past internships and involvement in business clubs have inspired her interest in pursuing a career in investment banking after graduation. She will be interning at Morgan Stanley investment banking division this summer. In Long term, she hopes to equip herself with sufficient professional knowledge by either attending graduate programs or pursuing MBA program.

What does the scholarship mean to me? It’s my honor to be a recipient of the John J. Peterson Scholarship award! I wish to express my sincere gratitude towards Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. The scholarship is a huge encouragement and confirmation of all my hard work and academic achievement. I am grateful for the education resource and network UCLA provided me. I look forward to using my knowledge in Finance and economic to make changes in real world and hope that I can give back to the school one day!