Gautham Pasupathy

2020 Ralph and Shirley Shapiro Scholarship Recipient


Biography: Gautham Pasupathy is a third-year student at UCLA. Gautham was born and raised in the Bay Area, and came down to Los Angeles to study Business Economics. Gautham enjoys studying at UCLA, and really enjoyed courses such as business law and accounting. Within UCLA, Gautham is involved in multiple organizations, such as Bruin Asset Management, Bruin Ventures, and the Indian Student Union. Outside of UCLA, Gautham enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing poker, and watching movies.

Future Plans: Gautham plans to intern in the field of finance this sumer. He is excited to collect a plethora of experience across the financial services industry, and wants to continue gaining more experience in as many ways as possible. Gautham is not fully sure what he wants to do in the long term; he does have an interest in public accounting and the financial services industry, but wants to explore all of his options.

What does this scholarship mean to me? I am really grateful to have been given this opportunity, and it really means a lot to me. I am very excited that I was awarded this scholarship, and I want to thank the Economics Department and the donors of the Ralph and Shirley Shapiro Scholarship once again. I will be able to put this money to good use in covering part of the cost of attendance at UCLA, which is something that I am very appreciative of.