Daibik Chakraborty

Venu and Ana Kotamraju Endowed Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Daibik Chakraborty is a junior at UCLA hailing from the greater Los Angeles area. Double majoring in Public Affairs and Economics, he has grounded his academic curriculum with an emphasis on data and research to build upon skills that will help him to make informed decisions in his career as an attorney. As a member of UCLA’s Global Development Lab, Daibik applies his interest in debate and problem solving to discuss and analyze remedies to multivariate international issues. Daibik also currently works as a program assistant at the UCLA Anderson School of Management where he supports and facilitates the educational and logistical requisites of the Executive MBA program.

Future Plans: At the end of his junior year, Daibik will be joining Deloitte as a Global Consulting Intern, with a focus on strategy, finance, and operations. During his senior year, he will work for a government organization or NGO, as a part of his Public Affairs experiential capstone project, in hopes to expand the positive community impact of the organization he will be assisting. Upon graduation from UCLA, Daibik plans on attending law school to pursue a Juris Doctor and eventually land a legal career track that involves patent & intellectual property law and/or constitutional law.

What does this scholarship mean to me? Words cannot fully express how humbled and grateful I feel as a recipient of this scholarship and of Mr. and Mrs. Kotamraju’s unending benevolence. This scholarship serves as a motivational reminder that I am pursuing a path which I am meant to be successful in and inspires me to never settle for less than what I am capable of achieving. Furthermore, Mr. and Mrs. Kotamraju’s generosity has encouraged me to support academia in the future to aid UCLA students in becoming leaders in their bodies of work.