Christopher Doyle Lane

2019 Lawrence and Joan E. Anderson Fund Recipient

Biography:  Chris Lane is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics with an Accounting minor and concentration in value investing. Determined to enhance the UCLA community, he serves as president of the UCLA Chess Club and co-president of the Undergraduate Investment Society. Outside of academics, he enjoys investing, chess, and visiting national parks.

Future plans:  Chris Lane will join KPMG’s economic valuation services as an intern this summer. Chris plans to pursue a career in valuation and pass all three chartered financial analyst tests. After working a few years in valuation, Chris Lane plans to apply the valuation skills he develops as an investment analyst at a hedge fund or mutual fund.

What does this scholarship mean to me?  I am honored to receive this scholarship. I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Anderson for their generous support. This scholarship alleviates financial stress and enables me to focus more on my academic and professional goals like studying for the chartered financial analyst exams. Additionally, since this award acknowledges my extracurricular accomplishments, it serves as a reminder that I improve the UCLA community through my involvement in clubs and motivates me to continue contributing to the UCLA community.