Vidur Bhatia

2019 Harold R. Mortenson Endowed Scholarship Fund Recipient

Biography: Vidur Bhatia is a 3rd-year student at UCLA majoring in Business Economics with a minor in Accounting. Born and raised in India, Vidur moved to the United States to attend UCLA in 2017. Since coming to UCLA, Vidur has held leadership roles in Bruin Hedge Fund and United Nations Association, UCLA. In addition, Vidur has interned at various investment banks and financial services firms and has been involved in business workshops such as Bruin Development Academy which have fostered his passion for business and economics. In his free time, Vidur enjoys playing tennis, investing in the stock market, and watching re-runs of Friends. 

Future plans: Vidur’s past internships and involvement in business clubs have inspired him to pursue a career in investment banking after graduation. He will be interning at Goldman Sachs in their investment banking division this summer. In the long term, he hopes to pursue an MBA and use his knowledge of finance and economics to start his own business. 

What does the scholarship mean to me?: I am extremely grateful to receive the Harold R. Mortenson Endowed Scholarship award as a recognition of my achievements at UCLA. I would like to thank the donors of the scholarship and the Department for their belief in my endeavors. The scholarship will help reduce my financial burden and allow me to focus on pursuing my educational and professional dreams. I hope to give back to the community one day and help others achieve their educational and personal goals like Mr. Mortenson helped me achieve mine.